Conference & Event Grants

How to Apply

  1. Preview the grant application early in your planning process.
  2. Create your application by typing a name for your page in the format of YourName/Conference name in the input box below. You can use your real name or your username. If you are applying as a WMF Affiliate, please enter your affiliate abbreviation rather than a user name.
  3. Follow the instructions that appear when you create the application.

Next Steps

  1. Committee review: The Conference Grants Committee will review proposals within 2 weeks of submission. They will post feedback on the discussion page of the proposal.
  2. Proposal finalized: The applicant will have two weeks to make changes to the request based on committee feedback. Phone calls with the program officer or committee members may be scheduled to discuss the feedback, if necessary.
  3. Funding decision posted: The grant program officer will post a funding decision within 4 weeks of submission.
  4. Check in calls scheduled: After approval, monthly check in calls will be scheduled with the program officer.