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1. In order to support community review, please provide a brief description of your organization's work in the upcoming funding period.

As in previous years, the 2020 annual plan is based on the WMNL 2017-2020 multi-year strategy. This outlines the three core program areas of Wikimedia Nederland:

  • Community: projects and activities that aim to support the Wikimedia community in its work, and bring in new edtors
  • Free content: projects, activities and partnerships with knowledge and heritage institutions with the aim of making digital collections available for reuse on Wikimedia.
  • Outreach: projects and activities aimed at the general public, (national and European) policy makers and knowledge and heritage institutions that are not (yet) actively involved with Wikimedia.

The annual plan presents a concise list of activities that Wikimedia Netherlands wants to organize in 2020 in order to contribute to the objectives of the long-term strategy. The plan leaves enough room for activities that will unexectedly come our way in the course of the year. Experience shows that Wikimedia Netherlands is regularly approached by institutions or people with ideas for content donations, events or the appointment of a WiR. The plan explicitly leaves room to respond to such initiatives.

The common thread for 2020 is increasing diversity - both within the content of the Wikimedia projects and within the Wikimedia community.

At the heart of the 'Community' and 'Open Knowledge' programs are activities aimed at encouraging active participation in Wikimedia projects by individuals and institutions. In addition, we want to enable GLAM institutions and knowledge institutions to independently share their knowledge and collections via the Wikimedia projects. We will further expand this in 2020.

In order to encourage the flow of Dutch and European grants and subsidies to Wikimedia-activities, we will increase our efforts in fundraising and sponsoring.

We will regularly reach out to the members and the wider wiki community to make them aware of the possibilities to become active in WMNL projects, or to receive (logistical and financial) support for activities.

2. Name, fiscal year, and funding period.
  • Legal name of organization: Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland
  • Organization's fiscal year: 01/01-12/31
  • 12-month funding period requested: 01/01/20 - 12/31/20
  • Currency requested: Euro
  • Name of primary contact: Sandra Rientjes

3. Amount requested.

Table 1

Currency requested US$
Total expenses for the upcoming year 413,500 451,387
APG funding requested for the upcoming year 340,000 371,153
Amount of funding received from WMF for the current year 340,000 371,153

4. How does your organization know what community members and contributors to online projects need or want? Does your organization conduct needs assessments or consult the contributors and volunteers most involved with its work?
  • Wikimedia Nederland developed its plans for 2020 in consultation with the community. We organised brainstorming meetings and on-wiki discussions for the annual plan 2020. We invited the community to participate in these discussions via announcements in the various village pumps and via the mailinglists.
  • Throughout the year, we remain in contact with the community via irc, the WMNL-wiki and the newsletter. A staffmember and a board member are always present at the WikiSaturdays, when community members come to the WMNL office.

5. Please provide a link to your organization's strategic plan, and a link to your separate annual plans for the current and upcoming funding periods if you have them.

Financials: current yearEdit

Table 2

Financials for the current funding period
Revenues or expenses Planned (budgeted) Actual, until one month before the proposal due date Projected
Currency requested US dollars Currency requested US dollars Currency requested US dollars
Revenues (from all sources) 414,275 452,233 390,000 425,734 405,000 442,109
Expenses 444,275 484,982 400,000 436,650 453,784 495,363

Table 2 notes:

Programs: upcoming year's annual planEdit

Table 3

Shared metrics

  1. Participants: The number of people who attend your events, programs or activities, either in person or virtually. This definition does not include people organizing activities, social media followers, donors, or others not participating directly.
  2. Newly registered: The number of participants that create new accounts on a Wikimedia project. These include users who register up to two weeks before the start of the event.
  3. Content pages: A content page is an article on Wikipedia, an item on Wikidata, a content page on Wikisource, an entry on Wiktionary, and a media file on Commons, etc. This metric captures the total number of content pages created or improved across all Wikimedia projects.

Grantee-defined metrics

  1. other languages WP + WS: Number of items added or improved on other language versions (i.e. non-Dutch) of Wikipedia and Wikisource
  2. Retention: Number of people who registered as editors during a WMNL-activity and are still active three months after the activity was completed
Program Participants Newly registered Content pages other languages WP + WS Retention
Community 276 80 2000 750 20
Free Content 552 160 48,000 3,750 20
Outreach 1472 40 0 0 0
TOTAL FOR ALL PROGRAMS 2300 280 50,000 4,500 40

Table 3 notes:

  • At least 15% of the results will be related to activities under Gendergap and Netherlands and the World.
  • This table presents the results WMNL intends to achieve in 2020. However, these metrics are not the only measure by which WMNL determines whether activities or donations were successful and/or should be continued. For example, the difference between training a few editors who contribute high-quality content versus training a large group that contributes only once in a while is not expressed in any of these metrics. Other examples include the quality of added content and community diversity and health. Such non-metrics are not visible in the table below, but they are an integral part of the story that WMNL intends to tell in its annual report and its outreach efforts in general. These non-metrics are also fundamental for WMNL’s long-term strategy to be an active intermediary between Dutch GLAM institutions and Wikimedia-users.

Focus on diversityEdit

The global Wikimedia Strategic Direction 2030 reinforces our decision to focus on diversity, both in terms of content and within the community. We are working on free content that is relevant to readers of Wikimedia projects worldwide, not just in the Netherlands. We also support the pursuit of a diverse community of Wikimedia editors in the Netherlands.

Gender gapEdit

The aim is to enrich information by, for and about women in order to reduce the unequal (re) presentation of content on Wikiprojects between men and women. And to motivate more women to contribute to Wikipedia.

  • Encourage and facilitate cooperation with organizations that want to share relevant knowledge and collections
  • Supporting the Gender gap group
  • Developing an internship project and supervising intern who will make an inventory of available knowledge and best practices regarding gender gap.

The Netherlands and the WorldEdit

The Netherlands and the World contributes to the diversity of Wikimedia projects by working on making available knowledge and collections in the Netherlands that are particularly relevant to other parts of the world. In addition, we encourage groups with a recent or historical migration background to become active within the Wikimedia projects.

The sub-project 'Wiki goes Caribbean' aims to expand and improve the information about Suriname and the Caribbean on the Wikimedia projects.

  • supporting the community both in the Caribbean and in the Netherlands
  • collaboration with GLAM and educational institutions on Aruba, and Curaçao and facilitating content donations
  • supporting the community behind the Papiamento-Wikipedia
  • realizing financing for longer-term cooperation via a Wikimedian in Residence program


Wikimedia Nederland offers the volunteers active in one of the Wikimedia projects support on a practical, logistical or financial level. We also want to contribute to effective online collaboration and good manners. We also want to motivate and inspire people to actively contribute. Through training, manuals and tools we motivate and support people to actively contribute to the Wikimedia projects.

Activities 2020 (continuing)

  • Meetings for the Wikipedia community and members of Wikimedia Nederland in 2020
  • Introduction and advanced courses Wikimedia
  • Support to editing community re the interaction between WikiData and Wikipedia. In consultation with the volunteers involved, we will support the organization of training courses and work meetings on this theme.
  • Wikis Saturdays and seasonal gatherings: New Year's drink, Summer meeting, Christmas drink
  • We will continue to support the wiki community with small project grants, scholarships and reimbursements.
  • We facilitate moderator / arbcom consultations and, if required, provide professional support and expertise for moderators and arbcom members.

New for 2020:

  • the development of a platform for the community, moderated by WMNL, where ideas and experiences can be exchanged in a friendly and safe environment.

Free content

Wikimedia Nederland encourages and supports cultural institutions with the release and uploading of content to the Wikimedia-projects, by organizing training courses in the use of upload tools, hackathons and upload sessions and (financial) support for small GLAMs. Wikimedia Nederland encourages the use of donated material by organizing online writing events and challenges and edit-a-thons for experienced editors.

Activities 2020 (continuing)
  • Organising workshops and meetings for GLAM and education partners, and for Wiki-coordinators
  • Share your Data (if externally funded). Wikimedia Nederland implemented the Share Your Data (Deel je Data) program for the first time in 2019. It is a series of masterclasses for institutions that have not previously shared knowledge and content with the Wikimedia projects, and ends with a small hackathon to work with the newly uploaded material. As a new element we want to add a wiki or museum camp to Share your Data. This activity will only be organised if we succeed in raising external funds.
  • Writing weeks and photo competitions: we will support the community in organising such events, or will take the initiative ourselves
  • Education program: we continue the collaboration with ITV Hogeschool for interpreters and translators. The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) will include Wikipedia in the curriculum as part of Academic Skills upon successful evaluation of Wiki courses for students in autumn 2019. The main objective will be to allow students from outside Europe and the USA to be Wiki-ambassadors of Wikimedia on their return to their country of origin.
  • GLAM program. We encourage and facilitate content donations through GLAM and want to enable more institutions in 2020 to share knowledge and collections. Our objective is to provide GLAM with the knowledge and skills to process such donations as much as possible. In 2020 we want to explore specifically whether intensification of cooperation with the archives system is possible, and preferably conduct one or more pilots.
  • We continue our collaboration with Dutch academic, special and public libraries in the form of content donations, training for employees and users and events for the Wiki community.
  • Lobby and public affairs. Wikimedia Nederland continues to financially support the FKAGEU and remain involved in its activities in 2020. We will closely follow the developments concerning 'Directive on copyright in the digital single market' and supports the Dutch community copyright working group. Wikimedia Nederland will, within its capabilities, participate in and support initiatives in the Netherlands that contribute to open knowledge and the freedom of the internet.

New for 2020:
  • In 2020 we want to focus more about the possibilities of Linked Open Data in Wikimedia projects in our activities. The central question is not what an organization can contribute to the Wikimedia projects, but what the LOD of Wikiprojects can contribute to an organization.
  • Two-year program Wikimedia in the Library: Wikimedia Nederland has submitted a €300.000 subsidy application for a two-year program that aims to develop a sustainable relationship between libraries and the Wikimedia Open Knowledge Movement.
  • Development of knowledge platform (if externally funded). We will develop an online knowledge platform where GLAM and educational institutions can find information about collaboration opportunities and concrete tools to get started independently. We are thinking of: training videos, examples of completed processes, copyright information, metrics possibilities explanation, statistics of reuse by the community.
  • Inventory of available knowledge within Wikimedia projects. A lot of knowledge is available on Wikimedia projects, but coverage and quality is still far from balanced. In 2020 we want to gain a better insight into what is missing in on the various Dutch language Wikimedia projects. We want to do this by working together with (new) partner institutions that are content specialists in their field.


This program aims to increase the reputation of Wikimedia and to promote the vision of the movement and to convince the general public, heritage institutions and policy makers that this vision is worth making a contribution.

  • Online visibility. In 2020 we will launch our new website and adjust our social media policy. Our aim is to profile Wikimedia Nederland and the wider movement more strongly online, and to strengthen our image as a worthy recipient of donations and sponsorship. Wikimedia Nederland will also profile itself more strongly within the channels of the international Wikimedia community by sharing success stories and lessons learned.
  • Wikimedia presence at relevant conferences Wikimedia Nederland will participates in meetings and congresses where potential new and interesting partners come together. We will support Public Domain Day.
  • WikiconNL 2020. (If externally funded) The second WikiconNL edition will again be a two-day conference, with Day 1 (a Friday) designed for staff of (potential) partner-organisation and Day 2 (a Saturday) focussing on the Wikimedia-community. We will only organise the WikiCon if we manage to raise sufficient external funds.

Staff and contractors: upcoming year's annual planEdit

1. Please describe your organization's staffing plan or strategy here, and provide a link to your organization's staffing plan or organogram if you have one.
2. List of staff by department or function.
You can use this table (or substitute your own list) to show us the number of FTEs (fulltime equivalents) for each department or function, where one person working at 100% time would be counted as 1.0. We need this information about the total number of staff (FTEs) you plan to have by the end of the current funding period, and staff you plan to have by the end of the upcoming funding period.

Table 4

Department or function End of current funding period End of upcoming funding period Explanation of changes
executive director 1 1 -
project coordinator 1.5 1.5 -
communications 0.5 0.5 -
office management 1 1 -
Total (should equal the sum of the rows): 4 4 -

Table 4 notes or explanation of significant changes:

3. How much does your organization plan to spend on staff by the end of the current funding period, in currency requested and US dollars?

€ 240,000 (USD 261,990)

4. How much does your organization plan to spend on staff by the end of the upcoming funding period, in currency requested and US dollars?

€ 250,000 (USD 272,907)

Financials: upcoming yearEdit

Detailed budget: upcoming yearEdit

Revenues: upcoming yearEdit

Table 5

Anticipated revenues for the upcoming funding period
Revenue source Currency requested US dollars Status (e.g. guaranteed, application)

APG 340,000 371,153 requested

donations 30,000 32,749

membership fees 5,000 5,458 guaranteed, barring unexpected change in membership numbers

grants and sponsorships 40,000 43,665

Total revenues (should equal the sum of the rows): 415,000 453,025 -

Table 5 notes: If your organization has significant funding other than FDC funds, please note how those funds will be used.

Operating reserves: current and upcoming yearsEdit

Please note that there is a policy that places restrictions on how much FDC funding your organization can use to build its operating reserves. If you would like to use FDC funding to for your organization's reserves, you must note that here. You will not be able to decide to allocate FDC funding from this grant to your reserves at a later date.

1. What is your plan for maintaining, building, or spending your reserves in the current year and the upcoming funding period? Please use the table below to show the amounts in your reserves at the beginning, year-to-date, and end of your current year, and the amount you plan to have in your reserves by the end of the upcoming funding period.

Table 6

Year Year start Year start (US) Year-to-date Year-to-date (US) Year end Year end (US)
Current year (e.g. 2017) 203,900 252,056 - - 150,000 163,744
Upcoming year (e.g. 2018) - - - - 150,000 163,744

Explanation: of the €203,900 held in reserve on January 1, 2019, €34,543 is a designated reserve (i.e. a donation of €100,000 received in 2017, and distributed over three years). At the end of 2018 we added 35,000 to the general reserve as we received a €50.000 legacy that year. This has been used in 2019 to fund extra activities, such as the Wiki Goes Caribbean training mission. Hence the withdrawal of funds from the reserve.

2. How much FDC funding is your organization requesting to add to your reserves in the upcoming funding period? If you are not requesting any FDC funding to add to your reserves in the upcoming funding period, you can write zero.
  • None.

Expenses: upcoming year's annual planEdit

1. Expenses by program (excludes staff and operations).

Table 7

Program Currency requested US dollars
Community 29,000 31,657
Free content 23,000 25,107
Outreach 17,000 18,558
Total program expenses (should equal the sum of the rows) 69,000 75,322

Table 7 notes: If your organization has significant funding designated for specific programs (e.g. a restricted grant), please make a note of that here

2. Total expenses. Please use this table to summarize your organization's total expenses overall.

Table 8

Expense type Currency requested US dollars
Program expenses (total from Table 7, excludes staff) 69,000 75,322
Operations (excludes staff and programs) 94,500 103,159
Upcoming staff total expenses (from Table 4) 250,000 272,907
Total expenses (should equal the sum of the rows) 413,500 451,388

Table 8 notes:

Verification and signatureEdit

Please enter "yes" or "no" for the verification below.

The term “political or legislative activities” includes any activities relating to political campaigns or candidates (including the contribution of funds and the publication of position statements relating to political campaigns or candidates); voter registration activities; meetings with or submissions and petitions to government executives, ministers, officers or agencies on political or policy issues; and any other activities seeking government intervention or policy implementation (like “lobbying”), whether directed toward the government or the community or public at large. General operating support through the FDC may not be used to cover political and legislative activities, although you may make a separate grant agreement with the WMF for these purposes.
I verify that no funds from the Wikimedia Foundation will be used
for political or legislative activities except as permitted by a grant agreement

Please sign below to complete this proposal form.

IMPORTANT. Please do not make any changes to this proposal form after the proposal submission deadline for this round. If a change that is essential to an understanding of your organization's proposal is needed, please request the change on the discussion page of this form so it may be reviewed by FDC staff. Once submitted, complete and valid proposal forms submitted on time by eligible organizations will be considered unless an organization withdraws its application in writing or fails to remain eligible for the duration of the FDC process.
Please sign here once this proposal form is complete, using four tildes. Sandra Rientjes (talk) 07:53, 15 October 2019 (UTC)