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Wikimedia Norge received a funds allocation in the amount of 1,230,000 NOK in 2014-2015 Round 2. This funds allocation was recommended by the Funds Dissemination Committee on 1 June 2015 and approved by the WMF Board of Trustees on 30 June 2015.

If you need to review the edit instructions you will find them in the editintro.

  • Use this form if you are eligible to submit a proposal in the current round, to request funding in the current round.
  • This form must be published on Meta by the proposal submission date for each round to be considered, and no changes may be made after the submission date without staff approval.
  • This form complements your organization's annual plan, detailed budget, and strategic plan. It won't be considered complete without those documents.
  • Organizations may apply for a funding period that does not exactly match their fiscal years. Follow the instructions carefully to understand what time period each question refers to.
  • Refer to the framework, guidance from the Board, and the FDC's recommendations before using this form, so you have an understanding of the Annual Plan Grants process.
  • Please Email with questions about using the form.

A few terms used in the form:

FDC proposal form terms Wikimedia terms Learning & Evaluation terms


1. In order to support community review, please provide a brief description of your organization's work in the upcoming funding period that can be used as a summary of your proposal. (This should be about 200 words, and should be easy for anyone to understand.)

Wikimedia Norge´s work will in the next funding period concentrate on 3 programs:

  • GLAM
  • Gender Gap
  • Academic Wikipedia

Wikimedia Norge will utilize 2015-2016 for optimizing our established GLAM partnerships, and carefully select one or two new partnerships outside Oslo to avoid all activity being concentrated in one part of the country. Our Gender Gap project in collaboration with university libraries started spring 2015, and fall 2015 we will visit 6 libraries in different cities. The project is made possible with external funding from the private non-profit foundation Freedom of Expression Foundation and The Finance Market Fund and will be of most importance for us in successfully applying for further national funding. The Academic Wikipedia program´s goal is to cooperate with different academic institutions to attract new editors among their students groups.

For all 3 programs included in this proposal Wikimedia Norge count on help, support and advice from the community. It is only with the input and help from the community and the different GLAM and / or educational institutions can we maintain the frequency of events we host or participant in.

2. Name, fiscal year, and funding period.
  • Legal name of organization: Wikimedia Norge
  • Organization's fiscal year (mm/dd–mm/dd): 01/01-12/31, and 07/01-06/30
  • 12-month funding period requested (mm/dd/yy–mm/dd/yy): 07/01/15-06/30/16
  • Currency requested: NOK (USD = 7.6823 NOK / NOK = 0.13017 USD)
  • Name of primary contact: Astrid Carlsen (WMNOastrid) -
  • Position of primary contact: Executive Director
  • Name of secondary contact: Erlend Bjørtvedt (Bjoertvedt) -
  • Position of secondary contact: Vice chairman, Acting chairman

3. Amount requested.

Kindly use the currency exchange rates provided by the FDC staff. Also, please use the following numerical format: 1,222.04

Table 1

Currency requested US$
Total expenses for the upcoming year 2,485,000 323,471
APG funding requested for the upcoming year 2,100,000 273,356
Amount of funding received from WMF for the current year 1,294,800 199,200

Table 1 notes:

  • 2015-04-23 update: The total amount of expenses in the upcoming year is set without the operating reserves. See Table 8. This is approved by the FDC staff on Talk page.

4. Please explain your organization's rationale if your revenues or total annual expenses will change significantly this year.
  • Wikimedia Norge is planning substantial increase in activities, including one new program area ("Academic Wikipedia"). With current staff, 1 FTP, holding the positions as the ED and being project manager for the GLAM program, there is a strong need for a technical manager to support both GLAM partners (technical) and staff (measure impact), and function as a liason between GLAM partners and the community. The efforts within the Gender Gap program will be doubled, and has received funding from independent sources outside the WMF.
  • During fall 2015 the staff welcomes 2 interns (library students), and although these interships makes Wikimedia Norge able to do more work, there is a need for employed staff so we can continue to follow up initiatives from regional and national partners, in addition to starting up the expanded Academic, and Gender Gap programs.
  • Finally, a strong depreciation of the Norwegian currency, bringing the USD rate of exchange from 6.5 NOK to 8.0 NOK in little more than a year, accentuates that the Wikimedia movement will have the possibility to spend more local resources on a still limited amount of USD, by allocating funds in a depreciated currency area. The increase in requested funding is 62 % when measured in NOK, but not more than 31 % when measured in USD.

Community engagement


This section provides the FDC an overview of your organization's work with volunteers and online contributors.

1. Which Wikimedia community or communities does your organization work with most closely, and which online Wikimedia project or projects does your organization's work support?

The chapter supports:

  • no.wikipedia Wikipedia in Bokmål
  • nn.wikipedia Wikipedia in Nynorsk
  • se.wikipedia Wikipedia in Northern Saami
  • Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Norge currently has 70-80 members. The members have been involved in a substantial number of wiki workshops, the annual assembly, annual Christmas gatherings, monthly wiki meetups, and received regular newsletters with information on various events. There is an annual Wikipedia Academy with a 35-100 attendance. Community members are given access to volunteer resources such as access from abroad to The National Library´s database. Wikimedia Norge supports WLM, and some of the weekly editing competitions, with winners' prizes often sponsored by GLAM partners.

2. How does your organization know what community members / contributors to online projects need or want? Does your organization conduct needs assessments? How else does your organization consult the contributors and volunteers most involved with its work?

The chapter regularly consults the Wikipedia community at the local "Signpost" sites (Tinget, Samfunnshuset) on major issues and asks for advice, input and help with the different programs that the Board and staff work on. The employees get community and external feedback per "Signpost" and e-mail, but also via facebook, twitter and WMNO´s blog. Members are invited to submit ideas through regular newsletters, and members involve deeply in the community and follow all "Signpost" debates. The active environment is small and transparent.

Organization planning and reports


Please provide links to your organization’s planning documents and reports. All of these documents are required unless otherwise indicated.

Table 2

Completed fiscal year Current year Upcoming year
Annual plan (including budget) H1-2014 Budget Revised 2014-2015 Budget Budget 2015-2016 (unapproved)
Community discussion around annual plan Tinget Tinget Tinget
Annual report (including financial report) 2013-2014 2014-15
Financial Report 2014
Not required. Not required.
Strategic plan 2011-2015 2014-2015 not before April 17, 2015

Table 2 notes:

  • Wikimedia Norge's Impact Report for the program year ending on July 1, 2014, can be found here.
  • Wikimedia Norge has worked hard during the last two years to make plans more simple, goals-focused, and straightforward, From a more comprehensive structure with 10 measurable goals in the 2011-2015 Strategy, the Board ventured to simplify the strategy to focus on 4 main objectives in the 2014-2015 Strategy: Qualitatively improved Wikipedia, Access to free knowledge, Professionalize WMNO, and Transparent and inclusive. These main strategic objectives are followed up in the current programs, and developed further through the programs in this application.

Financials: year-to-date progress


Table 3

Current funding period planned / budgeted Year-to-date funding period actuals Projected end of current funding period
In currency requested In $US In currency requested In $US In currency requested In $US
Revenues (from all sources) 2,500,000
384,615 (USD = 6.5 NOK in the period)
1,009,281 144,183 (USD = 7.0 NOK in the period)
1,425,931 190,124 (USD = 7.5 NOK in the period)
Expenses 2,467,000
328,933 (USD = 7.5 NOK in the period)
925,675 132,239 (USD = 7.0 NOK in the period)
1,403,814 187,175 (USD = 7.5 NOK in the period)182,734

Table 3 notes:

  • The difference between projected (budgeted) revenues and expenses, versus the actually accrued and projected for the current period, derives from the fact that public funding estimated to NOK 1,000,000, has not been realized.
  • However, revenues have accrued at the amounts of NOK 100,000 from the foundation Fritt Ord (" Free Speech Foundation "), and NOK 150,000 have been granted by the Finansmarkedsfondet (" Finance Market Fund ").
  • In the upcoming 2015-2016 period, Wikimedia Norge aims at having at least NOK 500,000 in external funding outside the WMF.
  • The stated currency rate from the WMF for next period is USD = 7.6823 NOK (NOK = 0.13017 USD). However, when looking back, the currency rate was very far from that level, it moved from USD = 6.5 NOK in start of the period in question, to a present USD = 8.0 NOK at the end of the current period. This entails a 23 % change in the currency rate, this should be taken into account when applying today's currency rates at historic data from a period when the rate was substantially different..
  • 2015-04-23 Update: Using fixed currency rate from WMF for whole period. (NOK = 0.13017 USD). This is approved by FDC staff on the Talk page.

Programs: upcoming year's annual plan


December 1921 - A boy hit by scurvy in the 1921 famine in Buguruslan, Russia, photo maybe by Fridtjof Nansen himself, the emissary of the League of Nations. This photo is among the 8,748 images from the National Library, uploaded by Wikipedian-in-Residence Lars Jynge Alvik at the National Library from May to July, 2014.
In spring 2014, Wikimedia Norge has produced 3 recruitment videos. The image shows the first video, in a long and a short version. These were produced by Wikimedia Norge employee Tor Arne Bjerke, a professional film producer.

The following programs are developed based on the 2014-2015 Strategy of Wikimedia Norge, with an emphasis on community input for more involvement-centric activities, and the Board's discussion on further focusing the organization's resources. Since the 2015-2016 Strategy and plans are not presented yet (they will be approved by the Annual Assembly on April 17, 2015), the current 2014-2015 Strategy makes up the strategic pillar of the further programs of WMNO:

The 2014-2015 Strategy has 4 main goals:

  • Qualitatively improved Wikipedia
    • Including 5 GLAM institution collaborations, mass image uploading with at least 2 institutions, create tutorial videos, training female writers in at least 5 academic libraries during fall 2015, create templates for improving core articles with academia and the community of volunteers.
  • Access to free knowledge
    • Including at least one seminar or training event per month, take part in public hearings and debates over free knowledge and Wikipedia, and systematically raise discussions through the WMNO blog, facebook and twitter.
  • Professionalize WMNO
    • Including external funding, co-projects, public grants and fundings, funding from foundations like Freedom of Expression Foundation, externally recruited Board members, technical staff resources, and achieving greater gender balance in the organization.
  • Transparent and inclusive
    • Including inviting volunteers to all events with partners, predictable routines and structures for employees, Board members, members, and volunteers, Board transparency, financial transparency, and strategic focus.

These main strategic goals are followed up in the current programs (2014-2015), and developed further through the programs in this application for the period 2015-2016.

The main strategic take from the 2014-2015 Strategy, is that we extract three main objectives from the Main goal of Qualitatively improved Wikipedia, and develop these especially through three externally directed programs: GLAM, Gender Gap, and Academic Wikipedia.



Wikimedia Norge is dedicated to achieve results, and setting smart targets that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. The Impact Report 2013-2014 documented substantial results during that year, and during the 9 months since then there have been a similar level of activity and measured results.

  • In the 2013-2014 program period, Wikimedia Norge ran different projects together with 19 GLAM institutions (14 of those were totally new to Wikimedia-related activities), resulting in 960 new articles in the Cultural heritage categories, and more than 20,000 historic images uploaded by those institutions alone. Seven weeks of dedicated writing competitions yielded another 1,000+ articles in the categories included in those competitions.
  • Since June, 2014, Wikimedia Norge and its GLAM partners have uploaded an estimated 10,000 new images from cultural institutions, staged ~10 major seminars or workshops, and started a series of female editing training sessions at universities, under the new Gender Gap campaign.
  • Wikimedia Norge has produced 3 recruitment films in 2014-2015, including 1 promotional film (here), and 2 tutorial films (here).
  • Last, but not least, the organization has started to attract independent funds outside of the WMF, with NOK 306,000 (USD ~ 37,000) already donated by private and public foundations in Norway, for use during 2015.

Program GLAM

Wikipedian Jon Harald Søby and WMNO's Astrid Carlsen at an Edit-a-thon at Nordland Museum in Bodø, Northern Norway.
A new way of live crowdcast: CEO Bente Erichsen, and WMNO's Astrid Carlsen, editing the Wikipedia instantly at the Nobel Peace Center, as the Nobel Committee reveals this year's laureates.


The goals of current 2014-2015 GLAM Program of Wikimedia Norge were described in last year's application as:

  • The program shall contribute to increase the thematic scope in article cover, including women topics outreach, by action to recruit more female editors than today, on all language versions, by 2015.
    • Reach targeted numbers of articles in Bokmaal, Nynorsk, and Northern Saami, by 2015.
    • Attract a markedly larger amount of images, especially by releasing public imagery deposits in free licenses.
    • Reach an accumulated 10 Wikipedians-in-Residence in Norway, by 2015.
    • Cooperate with 2 more, major institutions, in 2014.

These goals were to a large degree achieved, insofar as substantial joint projects have been established with national GLAM institutions, and a substantial number of images (20,000 +) have been uploaded from a number of GLAM institutions during the last year. The number of Wikimedians-in-Residence reached 5, with options of another 2 more established outside Oslo in 2015 (in Trondheim, and Bodø). The gender element in projects, events and results was also strong - a substantial "Female editing relay" campaign was carried out with much publicity, and a number of female editors from among GLAM ranks were attracted. However, more mixed result were reached as to the number and quality of new (core) articles. Editing relays and micro grants in the GLAM and gender areas produced good results (~1,000 new articles), but the core article challenge is still unresolved, even within the GLAM field. Not least, the development of (core) article cover is poorly mapped and understood, and should be addressed in the upcoming period.

In the upcoming 2015-2016 GLAM Program, the main goals are

  • to increase efforts on institutions sharing cultural data and media / image resources too Wikipedia and Commons.
  • to clearly increase the online and offline interaction between GLAM institutions /volunteers and staff.
  • to get a Wikipedia Library up and running in September, 2015, and give local wikipedians access to more online resources.
  • to get at least one more Wikipedian-in-Residence, and assist at least 4 institutions uploading at least 15,000 images to Commons.
  • to continue the positive cascading of Wikipedia awareness and training and media donations outside the national (Oslo) core.

While the 2014-2015 program period focused on establishing partnerships and spreading awareness from national institutions through to local ones, the 2015-2016 focus will be on following up on selected local / regional and national institutions, in order to cascade the diversity of content, images, and articles geographically and topically.


  • Co-host one Cultural Data Conference during spring, 2016, on how institutions can share cultural data.
    • Targets: Get two other GLAM partners to co-host the event, initiate one new partnership in this area through the conference.
  • Organize 8, dedicated GLAM-Wiki Meetups for established Wikipedians in collaboration with GLAM partners in Oslo.
    • Targets: “Put a face to the name” approach to 4 wiki meetups in fall 2015 and 4 during spring 2016, with 8 or more participants taking part at each meetup.
  • Get one more institutions to assign a Wikipedian in Residence by early 2016, outside the Oslo core. Possible instiutions will be targeted among established partners in Trondheim (central Norway) and Nordland county (northern Norway), and the W-i-R's should be assigned for 3 months or more, possible co-funded by WMNO.
    • Targets: Uploading 5,000 images to Wikimedia Commons, include 2 other GLAM institutions in the local region with guidance on how to share cultural data on Wikipedia, Commons or WikiSource. Set up a project page on Wikipedia for community involvement. Organize one wiki workshop for newbies, institutional staff and established editors.
      • To facilitate the assignments, Wikimedia Norge has entered into deliberations with the Nordland Museum in northern Norway, and signed a Memory of Understanding with the NTNU Science Museum in Trondheim. The latter agreement defines a projected assignment of W-i-R and co-operations to release parts of the vast collection imagery repository of the Science Museum in Trondheim.
  • Organize one Wikipedia Academy during spring, 2016, in collaboration with one of our GLAM partners in Oslo. The current Wikipedia Academy 2015 is staged in Tromsø (northern Norway) in April 2015, together with the University of Tromsø. Spring 2016, the Wikipedia Academy will once again be staged in Oslo.
    • Targets: Attract 70 participants from the community and GLAM institutions. Make 4 x 4,000 NOK travel scholarships available for Wikipedians located outside of Oslo. Split all other expenses 50/50 with co-organizer.
  • Be a pilot global community of the Wikipedia Library during fall, 2015, and set up a Norwegian branch of the project by way of the setup guide.
    • Targets: Provide 10 wikipedians with acess to Idunn, an access repository of Nordic academic journals online. Get the Wikipedia Library page up and running by September 2015.
  • Mass upload of images to Wikimedia Commons: Motivate and help institutions to mass upload images to Commons:
    • Targets: Help 3 institutions with the mass uploading of at least 10,000 quality images by May 2016.
  • Editing competition of the Week: 4 editing competitions organized in cooperation with a GLAM partner.
    • Targets: Reach at least 8 established editors and achieve at least 100 articles added per competition. Prizes sponsored by GLAM partner. Run 2 competitions during fall, 2015; and 2 during spring, 2016.

Program Gender Gap

WMNO gender seminar at litteraturhuset, with 35 attendants, among the speakers was the Girl Geeks Dinner Oslo, November 27, 2014.
Anne-Sophie Ofrim is among the most experienced editor trainers of Wikimedia Norway, this image shows her performing a training session in Horten, south of Oslo. She was awarded Wikipedian of the Year in December, 2014.
Håkon Magne Bjerkan (right) from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage congratulates the winner of Wiki Loves Monuments 2014, Henny Stokseth (left).


The goals of the current 2014-2015 GLAM Program of Wikimedia Norge had a strong gender component, and in spite of a substantial reduction in last FDC (APG) funding, a comprehensive campaign was carried out under this strategic goal, and expanded outside of the GLAM topical sphere. The 2014-2015 Gender campaigning and outreach efforts included:

  • A female editing relay attracting such editors like the Minister of Culture, the President of the Federation of Norwegian Industries, a solicitor to the Supreme Court, a female writer, with good (social) media outreach.
  • Female topics editing contests resulting in 600+ new articles about women, on the Norwegian-language Wikipedias.
  • A gender Wikipedia seminar with ~35 attendance, and a following editing training for women with ~40 attendance.
  • NOK 250,000 in funding for a 2015 female editor outreach campaign.

During 2014, Wikimedia Norge has grossly reached out to female prospect editors, and there is now a noteworthy environment of female editors at both the Bokmaal and the Nynorsk versions of Wikipedia. From previous data (2013), we know that the female (registered) proportion of editors is high on the Nynorsk Wikipedia ( ~35 %), and noteworthy at the Bokmaal Wikipedia (10 - 15 %), but updated and exact measurements are still lacking. However, editor trainings are continuously being conducted almost exclusively by women, and in the 10+ main events staged during the 2014-2015 program period, a majority of attendants have been women.

In the upcoming 2014-2016 Gender Gap Program, the main goals are

  • Recruit self-sustaining editing environments of female student editors at 9 universities/colleges all over Norway during 2015.
  • Train female students and university librarians in cascading local, self-sustained, editing courses for new female students.
  • Recruit and train female students in business schools in Norway, enhancing the article quality on finance and business topics.
  • Combine efforts to enhance further the strong Gender focus inherent in the GLAM Program.

While the 2014-2015 program period focused on building awareness and reaching out to female prospect editors through the media, the 2015-2016 focus will be on following up with targeted training sessions for women, focused on female students at universities, university colleges, and business schools.


  • Stage a total of 9 Female editing workshops at university libraries of each 3.5 hours, in 2015, with 3 events during spring ((example) and 6 events during fall.
    • Targets: Visit 9 university libraries with a minimum of 10 participants per workshop. Information about the workshops spread and the issue of the gender gap addressed by 4 other organizations and institutions via social media. Write 4 posts on the WMNO blog and the WMF blog about the gender gap.
  • Organize a two days Train-the-trainers workshop including the same female students as above, from 4 or more universities and university colleges, during spring 2016.
    • Targets: Participants from 4 or more university libraries, with at least 6 participants. Enable 2 or more of the participants to facilitate their own local wiki workshops for female students in their local campus environment.
  • Gender equity: work for gender equity as an organization, employer, and co-host in different contexts and in social media.
    • Targets: 40 % or more women involved in all the work that WMNO does.
  • Stage a two weeks long editing competition around International Women´s day in March, 2016 (2014 example), with prizes sponsored by the WMNO.
    • Targets: More articles and article depth in the categories Women, Feminism, and Gender research. 10 established Wikipedians participating and a total of 500 articles added during the competition.

Program Academic Wikipedia

WIkimedia Norge excursion to the Botanical Gardens of the University of Oslo, summer of 2014.
A unique event - some of the 50 students of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, spending two days making illustrations to Wikipedia. The results has a Commons category here.


The current 2014-2015 program period of Wikimedia Norge had an External Academia Program pillar in last year's application, but this program was abandoned as the WMF cut short funding through the FDC (APG) evaluation process. However, during 2014, some of the initially stated objectives were prepared, and partly met, by identifying some institutions of potential co-operation, assisting the establishment of Wikipedia editing in the syllabuses of two Master's Degree programs, and by initiating discussions with the Norwegian Research Council. The outreach activity of the Gender Gap project collaboration with university libraries has been directed towards students rather than people in academic positions. The students and librarians have appeared to be highly motivated for editor training, and the librarians see us as an ally in their work with teaching students source criticism. One totally new step to Wikimedia Norge, is to reach out to academic staff, in which the global Wikimedia movement has substantial experience to draw on.

In the 2014-2015 Strategy of Wikimedia Norge, one out of four strategic pillars is Qualitatively improved Wikipedia, and this ambitions will be met in the 2015-2016 Academic Wikipedia Program by:

  • enhance the awareness and acquaintance with Wikipedia in the academic and research community of Norway.
  • develop projects based on already established relationships with universities, university colleges and university libraries in Norway.
  • seek co-operation with the Norwegian Research Council, along similar model as with Arts Council Norway.
  • assist and support the 3 academic institutions which experimented last year with Wikipedia-editing integrated in curricula.

Wikimedia Norge has an established set of relations with a few universities and university colleges, and stages the Wikipedia Academy 2015 jointly with the University of Tromsø (the Arctic University of Norway), on 23.-24 of April, 2015. There are plans concluded on training sessions at university libraries in 2015, and there is a Wikipedian-in-Residence established at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim (Mrs Kjersti Lie). These nuclei of awareness and experiments with contributing to the Wikipedia, will be nurtured to cascade academic outreach among students, together with a parallel approach towards academic staff that might become viable after current discussions with the Norwegian Research Council. However, this program is in its starting phase and will need a dedicated program officer with intimate knowledge of the academic community.


  • Aim at developing a national-level cooperation with/through the Norwegian Research Council in 2015, modeled potentially around the co-operation with the Arts Council Norway during recent years, over projects to bring science and research to Wikipedia.
    • Targets: National-level co-operation with the Norwegian Research Council, preferably through a formal agreement.
  • Nurture the relations established through Wikipedia Academy 2015' which is staged at the University of Tromsø in late April, 2015.
  • Enhance established relations with academic institutions in 2015.
    • Targets: Establish specific co-operation with at least 2 academic institutions over scientific communication or content through the Wikipedia, alternatively over data or imagery donations. Welcome two library students from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences as interns at Wikimedia Norge´s office, one student for 6 weeks during winter 2016 and one student for 6 weeks during spring 2016.
  • Establish at least one Wikipedian-in-Residence in at least one scientific institution by 2016.
  • Establish and maintain a structure of a core article lemma-list by 2016.
    • Target: Involve both community volunteers and academic scientists and researchers in article quality production and review. Stage editing competitions at the Wikipedia over science topics, jointly with external institutions, with prizes (co-)funded by Wikimedia Norge.
  • Nurture the Gender Gap Program as a stepping stone of reaching female students and researchers with events and projects under the Academic Wikipedia Program.
  • Explore the possibility of taking part in the European Science Photo Contest in November 2015, and utilizing this platform as an access to academic communities.
    • Targets: Involve community volunteers and academic scientists in common efforts to break down prejudice against the Wikipedia.

Staff and contractors: upcoming year's annual plan

1. Please describe your organization's staffing plan or strategy here, or provide a link to your organization's staffing plan or organogram.

During spring 2015, the Board of Wikimedia Norge employed Astrid Carlsen as Executive Director, and started planning a staff setup for next period's programs. The major changes is that WMNO will seek to attract a technical resource, which has been identified by current staff as a great need in order to assist partnering institutions that have more limited technical resources. Furthermore, the organization will start up planning of an outreach program towards the academia and education, including a staff resource to manage that program together with the Board. Both the latter positions have been inspired and informed by experiences of Wikimedia Sweden in employing such staff resources.

2. List of staff by department or function.
You can use this table (or substitute your own list) to show us the number of FTEs (fulltime equivalents) for each department or function, where one person working at 100% time would be counted as 1.0. We need this information about the total number of staff (FTEs) you will have hired by the end of the current funding period, and staff you will have hired by the end of the proposed funding period.

Table 4

Department or function End of current funding period End of upcoming funding period Explanation of changes
Executive Director 1.0 1.0 Astrid Carlsen is the executive director of Wikimedia Norge.
Project Manager Gender Gap 0.3 0.5 The current staff engagement ends on May, 30, 2015. A resource at 0.5 FTE level is needed from summer, 2015.
Project Manager Film Production 0.4 0.0 Film production to be finished in 2015. The current staff engagement ends on May, 30, 2015.
Technical Manager 0.0 0.5 There is a strong, inherent need for a manager to assist data / media releases, run editor statistics, measure impact, etc.
Academic Wikipedia 0.0 1.0 This staff resource will run the Academic Wikipedia Program through the 2015-2016 period.
Total (should equal the sum of the rows): 1.7 3.0 Clear need of a technical staff, and needs inherent in a new Academic Wikipedia Program.

Table 4 notes or explanation of significant changes:

3. How much does your organization expect to spend on staff during the current funding period, or in the twelve month period before your proposed grant will start (e.g. 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015), in currency requested and US dollars?
  • USD = 7.6823 NOK
  • NOK 938,197
  • USD 122,124
4. How much does your organization expect to spend on staff during the proposed funding period (e.g. 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016), in currency requested and US dollars?
  • USD = 7.6823 NOK
  • NOK 1,575,000
  • USD 205,017

Financials: upcoming year's annual plan


Detailed budget: upcoming year's annual plan

Please link to your organization's detailed budget showing planned revenues and expenses for the upcoming funding period (e.g. 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016). This may be a document included on this Wiki (Meta) or as a publicly available spreadsheet.
  • The economic governance of Wikimedia Norge is informed by the formal Board and Financial Instruction from September, 2010. During 2014, after a governance session with the Wikimedia Foundation in Oslo, the organization concluded an agreement with an external, state certified auditor (Stokke Revisjon AS), who has been auditing the financial statements, practices, and tax reporting of the 2013 Financial Report, and the 2013-2014 Financial Report. The auditor is currently auditing the 2014 Financial Report.
  • Regarding accounting, advise from the Wikimedia Foundation to apply standardized, lock-in-accounting software, has preliminarily been met by applying an online standardized software for the 2015 (calendric) accounts. However, this submission contains a project to phase in fully external, certified accountant service. After a Request for Quotation run by the secretariat during winter 2014-2015, the most viable quotation came from an accountant firm offering services at the cost of NOK ~ 50,000 + MVA. Including auditing, accounting at the scale we are projecting, with 3-500 postings, 3-4 full- or part-time employees, and 1-2 extra projects, will entail some NOK 100,000 - 120,000 in accounting and auditing cost. The current, internal accountant will facilitate the transition of accounting, in co-ordination with the external auditor.

Revenues: upcoming year's annual plan


This section is about your organization's anticipated revenues for the upcoming funding period you defined in the Overview section (e.g. 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016).

1. Does your organization plan to draw on its operating reserves during the upcoming funding period to support its expenses? If so, please provide the amount you intend to draw from your reserves here. This should not be included as revenue in the table below.
2. Please use this table to list your organization's anticipated revenues (income, or the amount your organization is bringing in) by revenue source (where the revenue is coming from) in the upcoming funding period (e.g. 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016). Use the status column to show if this funding is already guaranteed, if you are in the process of requesting funding, or if you are planning to request funding at a later time. Please feel free to include in-kind donations and resources in this table, as applicable, but use the status column to show that they are in-kind resources.

Table 5

Anticipated revenues for the upcoming funding period
Revenue source Currency requested US dollars Status (e.g. guaranteed, application)

Wikimedia Foundation 2,100,000 273,356 Requested
Finance Market Fund 250,000 32,542 NOK 150,000 granted for fall, 2015.
Freedom of Expression Foundation 100,000 13,017 NOK 100,000 already paid, for use during fall, 2015
Norwegian Unix User Group Foundation 56,000 7,289 NOK 56,000 already paid, for use during fall, 2015
Event fees 20,000 2,603 Level already obtained for 2014-2015
Membership fees 15,000 1,953 Empirical level
Gifts from individual 15,000 1,953 Empirical level
Sales revenues 5,000 651 Empirical level
Total revenues (should equal the sum of the rows): 2,561,000 333,364 -

Table 5 notes: If your organization has significant funding other than FDC funds, please note how those funds will be used.

  • Funds from Freedom of Expression Foundation and Finance Market Fund, altogether NOK 250,000 in 2015, are tied to be utilized for the Gender Gap Program.
  • Fund from the Norwegian Unix User Group are given for the purpose of buying technical equipment for use at events and at Wikimedia Norges´s office.

Operating reserves: upcoming year's annual plan


Please use this section to report information about your organization's current and planned operating reserves.

1.How much does or will your organization have in operating reserves on each of these dates?

Table 6

Total amount of operating reserves. Currency requested US dollars
1 March 2015 130,000 16,922
End of the current funding period (e.g. 30 June 2015). 135,000 17,573
End of the upcoming funding period (e.g. 30 June 2016). 211,500 27,531

2. Does your organization have a reserves policy in place, or a strategy about maintaining, reducing or adding to your reserves? Please share your organization's thinking about reserves here in one or two sentences, or by sharing a link to your organization's more detailed policy.
  • Wikimedia Norge has an ambition to employ Executive Director permanently, and this requires a certain reserve in order to fulfill obligations connected with the legally binding imbursement period of 3 months connected with discontinuation of the employment. Our present ED has been employed on a non-permanent basis for 1.5 years, and the law stipulates limits to the practice of having non-permanently employed staff. There are limits both to the duration for each staff, and for the percentage of staff being non-permanents. The clear intention of the law - and of Wikimedia Norge - is to avoid the unpredictability inherent in non-permanent employment of employees who otherwise appear to be de-facto permanents.
3. If your organization plans to use FDC funding to increase its reserves in the upcoming funding period, please list the amount of FDC funding your organization will use to build its reserves here (in the currency requested and in US dollars). Please note that there is a policy that places some restrictions on how much FDC funding your organization can use to build its reserves.
  • During previous funding, budgeting has matched costs and revenues on the FDC/WMF funding on the nearest 1,000 USD. However, during 2015-2016 we will have to build a somewhat extended reserve in order to bear legally binding employment obligations in the longer run. In the program period 2015-2016 we will utilize an estimated NOK 40,000 (USD 5,000) of the FDC / APG funding for reserve development.

Expenses: upcoming year's annual plan

1. Expenses by program (excludes staff and operations).

Table 7

Program / initiative In currency requested In $US
GLAM (events) 35,000 4,556
Academic Wikipedia (events) 30,000 3,905
Gender Gap (all costs) 300,000 39,051
All programs (prizes, awards) 30,000 3,905
Other project costs (technical) 71,000 9,242
Total program expenses (should equal the sum of the rows) 466,000 60,659

Table 7 notes: If your organization has significant funding other than FDC funds for specific programs, please make a note of that here.

  • NOK 250,000 has already been granted by external donors for the Gender Gap program (for fall, 2015). A total of NOK 350,000 is expected for such utilization during 2015 and 2016, including additional funds submissions.
  • A total external grant of NOK 56,000 has been granted for technical equipment by the NUUG Foundation, a non-profit foundation set up to utilize the funds left by the Unix development projects of the University of Oslo.

2. Total expenses. Please use this table to summarize your organization's total expenses overall.

Table 8

Expense type In currency requested In $US
Program expenses (total from Table 7, excludes staff) 466,000 60,659
Operations (excludes staff and programs) 444,000 57,795
Upcoming staff total expenses (from Table 4) 1,575,000 205,017
Amount to be added to operating reserves (if applicable) 76,500 9,958
Total expenses (should equal the sum of the rows) 2,485,000

Table 8 notes:

  • 2015-04-23 Update: Total expenses is updated to the sum of all rows in the table, including the operating reserves Wikimedia Norway needs to offer our ED permanent employment. Table 1 annual expences is though set without operating reserves, as per agreement with FDC staff on talk page.

Verification that this proposal requests no funds from the Wikimedia Foundation for political or legislative activities


Please enter "yes" or "no" for the verification below.

The term “political or legislative activities” includes any activities relating to political campaigns or candidates (including the contribution of funds and the publication of position statements relating to political campaigns or candidates); voter registration activities; meetings with or submissions and petitions to government executives, ministers, officers or agencies on political or policy issues; and any other activities seeking government intervention or policy implementation (like “lobbying”), whether directed toward the government or the community or public at large. Grants for such activities (when permitted under U.S. law and IRS regulations) should be sought from the Wikimedia Foundation Project and Event Grants Program .
I verify that this proposal requests no funds from the Wikimedia Foundation for political or legislative activities Yes

Once this proposal is complete, please sign below with the usual four tildes.

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