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Funds proposal for: Wikimedia Sverige
Questions and comments, including those from community members, regarding this particular proposal should be addressed on the discussion page.

Eligibility of this organization is: YES

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This process now has ten steps. Please see the steps below and visit the proposal process page for more information.

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Welcome to the proposal hub - your organization's primary interface with the FDC

  • This page will guide your organization through the processes for requesting funding, receiving funds, and reporting on your grant.
  • A link to this hub page and your other proposal documents may be found on the proposals page for this round.
  • If you have any questions about this process please contact FDC support staff or email FDCsupport(_AT_)

1. Letter of intent ^
  • To begin the proposal process, please publish a letter of intent stating that your organization is interested in applying for an Annual Plan Grant. To be considered eligible, you must meet certain eligibility criteria and submit your letter of intent before the letter of intent deadline for the round in which you will apply for funding. Use the button below to create your letter.

2. Eligibility status ^
  • Each organization applying for an Annual Plan Grant must meet the Eligibility criteria. Wikimedia Foundation will publish an assessment of eligibility for each organization that has submitted a letter of intent before confirming eligibility status prior to the proposal submission date for each round.
  • Please visit the eligibility status page for information about eligibility for the current round. Once your organization is confirmed as eligible, Wikimedia Foundation will move your proposal to the next step.

3. Create and submit the FDC proposal form ^
  • Eligible organizations may create a proposal to the FDC by using this button. Proposals must be complete before the proposal submission date for this round in order to be considered.
  • Please note that there are special funding guidelines that the FDC will follow in the years 2012-2014 to ease the transition to the new funds dissemination process.
A proposal form has already been created. See, Grants:APG/Proposals/2014-2015 round1/Wikimedia Sverige/Proposal form.

4. Proposal forms are open for public review and comment ^
  • There will be a four-week open comment period after the proposal submission date, when community members and subject-matter experts will provide input and questions. Discuss this proposal. Your organization is encouraged to engage actively with community comments and questions by responding on the proposal form discussion page - these comments and responses are considered by the FDC.
  • FDC staff will develop an objective report assessing your organization's proposal across several different dimensions and your completed staff report will be posted below.
Staff proposal assessment for Wikimedia Sverige

5. FDC recommendation to the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees ^
  • Your proposal form and its accompanying annual plan will be reviewed by the FDC along with other inputs, such as the staff proposal assessment, community commentary, past reports, and current planning documents. The FDC will deliberate and prepare for the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees a single slate of funding allocations in each round, including feedback on your organization's proposal and ways to strengthen future proposals.

The FDC recommendation for 2014-2015 Round 1 has not yet been published. It is due by 1 December 2014.

6. Board decision ^
  • The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees will make a decision to approve or not to approve the recommendation made by the FDC. If the FDC recommends your proposal for funding and the recommendation is approved by the Board, your grant will be considered approved. To finalize the grant, your organization will need to sign a grant agreement with Wikimedia Foundation and follow Wikimedia Foundation's instructions to receive funds.

Board Decision for 2014-2015 Round 1

7. Grant agreement, and WMF releases first installment of grant funds ^
  • If your organization receives funding, your organization will sign a grant agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation. Visit Grants:Agreements for more information about Wikimedia Foundation grant agreements.
  • Within 30 days of the date the grant agreement is signed by both parties, Wikimedia Foundation will send the first installment of grant funds and your organization will confirm that funds have been received.

8. Quarterly progress reports and second installment of grant funds^
  • The organization will submit one progress report covering the first six months of the grant. See, Grants:APG/FDC portal/Reporting requirements.
  • Within 30 days of receiving a complete progress report and receiving a response to the instructions provided, Wikimedia Foundation will send the second installment of grant funds and your organization will confirm that funds have been received.

A progress report form for the first 6 months of this grant has been created.

9. Annual impact report and audited financial statement ^
  • The organization will submit an annual impact report within 90 days of the end of the funding period, and will also submit audited financial statements to Wikimedia Foundation within 120 days of the end of the funding period. The audited financial statement may be linked from your public report or may be Emailed to Wikimedia Foundation.

This impact report form has already been created. See, Grants:APG/Proposals/2014-2015 round1/Wikimedia Sverige/Impact report form.

10. Grant complete ^
  • Once the complete impact report and the audited statement are received and reviewed by Wikimedia Foundation, your grant will be complete. Congratulations!
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