Grants:APG/Post decision survey

Report checklist

  1. Title page: This page will guide the reader to the body of the report, capturing 3 items - name of report, round of report and date of report.
  2. Summary of key findings: Bulleted list of findings which are of particular importance to stakeholders of the APG/FDC process, capable of bringing about improvement.
  3. Brief description of the grants program: Large font size caption of the goal of Wikimedia grants on a single page. “The goal of Wikimedia Foundation grants program is to support mission-allied people and organizations around the world to achieve Wikipedia's mission, vision, and Strategy”.
  4. Results: Analysis of survey questions presented in easy to understand charts and visuals accompanied with explanatory texts. One question per page preferably, except where combining two or more results provides a better insight.
  5. Recommendations: This page should call to action based on the evidence that has been gathered and analyzed in the report. Where there are many recommendations touching on different topic areas, this section of the report can be written on multiple pages - each theme having its own page. Where text based responses are available, they should be included to amplify or back the recommendation.
  6. Appendix:
    1. Summary of open ended question responses: Highlighted statements repeated more than once by survey respondents, as well those that were expressed once but speak to the point (put in quotations).
    2. Data sources: PDF export copy of results from qualtrics uploaded onto commons (or shared publicly on Google drive).


  • Program Officer
  • WMF staff (who were part of the process)
  • Committee members

Locations to post

  • Wikimedia-l
  • Committee mailing list
  • Meta