Grants:APG/Feedback and continuous improvement of the FDC process/Process Survey/2012-13 Round 1

FDC Process survey Results, Round 1 2012-13



This is the summary of the survey results from the participants of the FDC process, 2012-13 Round 1. This particularly presentation is from the Wikimedia Conference in Milan, Italy in April 2013, and includes both the Process Survey and the Cost-Benefit Survey:

Process improvements resulting from this survey

  1. Revamp the FDC portal - Planned revamp for June-July 2013
  2. Make the templates in the FDC application easier to use - Updated in part for Round 2; planned next revamp for June-July 2013
  3. Clarify communication channels for applicants - on-boarded FDC Senior Program Officer as main contact; working with FDC on how to incorporate new channels in the application process for Round 1 2013-14