Grants:APG/Board decisions

Guidance from the Board for the FDC

Board decisions
See links to each round below.

The Board may choose to approve all, part, or none of the FDC's slate of recommendations, and may modify individual recommendations by increasing or decreasing the amount to be allocated. Once the Board has approved final allocations, the WMF will release funds consistent with the Board's decisions.

  • For non-payment processing entities, WMF will transfer funds to the entity contingent on a signed, current grant agreement with the WMF
  • For payment processing chapters, the FDC will make a recommendation to the WMF Board about how much the chapter should retain from the annual fundraiser. The balance of these funds raised will be expected to be transferred by the dates set out in the respective fundraising agreement with each chapter.
  • The deadlines for funds to be transferred are 30 days after the publication of the Board's decisions (January 15 for Round 1, and June 15 for Round 2) or 30 days after the grant agreement is signed, whichever is latest. Funds not transferred within 120 days of the publication of the Board's decision may be returned to the WMF reserves.