Google Grants is a program where Google gives advertising space for free at some non-profits.

Wikimedia Italia edit

Wikimedia Italia was also accepted in 2015 with 10 k$/m and has been running various stable campaigns. After using a pro bono consultant for the first couple months, the chapter relied on a member's expertise (mostly in volunteer time) to keep the campaigns running.

Wikimedia Israel, 2014 edit

Wikimedia Israel was accepted in 2014 and tested various keywords.

Among the restrictions:

  • not possible to target specific spaces, like gmail ads;
  • can only point to the chapter's own website.

Wikimedia Germany, 2006 edit

Wikimedia Germany has been invited to participate in the Google Grants International-Program for a duration of about 3 months, probably starting at the end of February. This means Google is offering AdWords for free when people type the keywords we provide. There seems to be no limit in number of keywords, AdWords and sites we want to point to as long as we use it in a reasonable way. Wikimedia Germany needs suggestions for good use of this offer!

It obviously makes little sense to advertise Wikipedia because it is already so popular and ranked very high in Google but we could better directly lead the people to donation pages.

General pages to which people should be directed edit