Global managers


The following is a proposed Wikimedia document. References or links to this page should not describe it as supported, adopted, common, or effective. The proposal may still be in development, under discussion, or in the process of gathering consensus for adoption (which is not determined by counting votes).

This proposal is effectively cancelled due to lack of interest.

Global managers are a proposed global group which would have the technical ability to perform non-controversial global blocks and locks.

This proposal has come out of the suggestion that global sysops be given the global (b)locking ability, but after opposition to the idea of expanding the already functional global sysop scope the idea of a new group was developed.

The ability to respond quickly to cross-wiki vandals and spammers is an important aspect of keeping information on Wikipedia neutral and reliable. There is currently a great need to expand the number of users with access to these global tools, but not all of them need the full steward group, or want to go through the process. This group allows users who would benefit from these rights to access them, without the need for identifying or performing other tasks.

Difference between global sysops, global managers and stewardsEdit

An important aspect of this proposal is defining the difference between global sysops, global managers and stewards. Global managers are different from global sysops in that their actions affect all Wikimedia wikis, and their scope does not involve small wiki maintenance.

Global managers differ from stewards in that they do not have access to private information, user rights or a global delete button. They are only able to globally block and lock users, and do not have access to any sensitive permissions, such as CheckUser or oversight. Furthermore, they cannot suppress usernames globally, nor can they view suppressed usernames. This part of global user management is handled solely by stewards.

Appointment and removalEdit

Global managers would be appointed after a two-week discussion on SRGP. After that time, if there is consensus of around 80% support then the candidate will be added to the global managers group.

Because the actions of global managers will effect every wiki on Wikimedia, accountability is of great importance for this group. If a global manager is ever thought to have misused their tools, a request for comment can be started or a note can be left on the stewards' noticeboard. The global manager's rights will be removed as soon as the accusation is verified by a steward or general consensus, and will be required to undergo a vote of confidence which requires 80% support to pass.

Global managers will undergo a confirmations similar to what steward go through during the steward elections at the start of each year. Consensus will be determined in the same method it is on steward confirmations. These confirmations will allow the global managers to be accountable to the global community.

Global managers will be automatically removed from the group after six months of inactivity.

Technical specifics and scope of specific right useEdit

Global managers would have access to the following rights on Meta-wiki only. This ensures that the users only use these rights on Meta, for maximum accountability.

  • Lock or hide global account (centralauth-lock)
    This right would be used only in non-controversial circumstances for locking accounts who are vandalizing many Wikimedia wikis.
  • Make global blocks (globalblock)
    This right would be used for non-controversial blocks of IPs being used to vandalize many Wikimedia wikis. Blocks would be for short periods of time - any block longer than a day would be deferred to stewards.
  • Remove global blocks (globalunblock)
    This right would be used to reverse any mistakes made with the globalblock right.
  • Not be affected by rate limits (noratelimit)
    This right ensures that global managers would not have their actions prevented by a rate limit.