Globale Gruppen

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Global groups are user permissions groups that apply across a set of wikis for global (Wikimedia wiki-wide) accounts. Some global groups are not truly global.

Aktuelle Gruppen

Gruppe Bereich Richtlinie/Diskussion
API high limit requestors Alle Wikis
Global bots Specified wikis Global bots
Global rollbackers Alle Wikis Global rollback
Global sysops All wikis except specified wikis Global sysops
New wikis importers Newly created wikis
Ombuds Alle Wikis Ombuds commission
Staff Alle Wikis RfC; Staff
Abuse filter helpers Alle Wikis Special request, SBL log expansion
Abuse filter maintainers All wikis RfC/Vote
Interface editors Alle Wikis Global Interface editors group policy
Jimbo Wales' group Alle Wikis
Global IP block exemptions Alle Wikis
Recursive export Alle Wikis
Stewards Alle Wikis Steward-Richtlinie ; Stewards
System administrators Alle Wikis Besondere globale Rechte ; Systemadministratoren
VRT permissions agents Alle Wikis OTRS policy; VRT

Vorgeschlagene Gruppen

Gruppe Bereich Diskussion
Global deleted image review Global deleted image review (gained consensus)

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