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Community Resources

We support the Affiliates and contributors of the Wikimedia Movement by offering institutional and individual funding to help achieve the Movement’s goals. To support the movement’s commitment to Knowledge Equity, our team prioritizes proactive outreach to communities that have been left out by structures of power and privilege.

The Team

Veronica Thamaini

Regional Programs and Program Officer for the Middle East and North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa Regions

Chen Almog

Senior Program Officer for Conference and Events Funds

Agnes Bruszik

Lead Program Officer, Northern and Western Europe Region

Mercedes Caso

Senior Program Officer for the Latin America and The Caribbean Region

Jacqueline Chen

Senior Program Officer for East, Southeast Asia, and Pacific and South Asia Regions

Davit Saroyan

Senior Program Officer, Technical

Chris "Jethro" Schilling

Senior Program Officer for Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia & the United States and Canada Regions

Yop Rwang Pam

Senior Movement Strategy Specialist, Program Officer for Movement Strategy Grants

How we work edit

Our funding is divided into three primary areas: General Support Funds, which support the professionalization and ongoing activities of Wikimedia Affiliates, Conference and Events Funds, which support Movement-led gatherings and convenings, and Movement Strategy Implementation Grants, which are dedicated specifically to implementing the recommendations of the Movement Strategy. Regional Program Officers work closely with the 8 Regional Fund Committees, which are made up of volunteers from the Movement, to review proposals, provide guidance to grant applicants, and make funding decisions. Additional Program Officers support the Conference and Events Funds and the Movement Strategy Implementation Grants.

Movement funding edit

Resources edit