Global Data and Insights Team/Our Reports/2021 Affiliates data survey report/Methodology

Affiliate Data Survey Report 2021
Sponsor Wikimedia Foundation
Collector Global Data & Insights Team
Survey tool QualtricsXM
Year started 2018
Sampling frame Wikimedia affiliate primary contacts & a sample of community members
Sampling size 177 Affiliates as of 2020
Mode of administration Online survey
Frequency Annual survey

Main objectives of the survey are to collect and analyse data about Wikimedia Affiliates with regards to:

- Composition of leadership structures.
- Type & frequency of programs conducted.
- Affiliate self-assessment of capacities/skills.
- Membership demographics.
- Membership experiences and awareness.

D. Ndubane, J. Anstee, R. Maung, T. Andic, C. Macholan, S. Bodington


October 2021

Survey Response Rate
2021-ADS Overall Response rate.png
We have a combined total response of 958 community members. This is the highest response rate thus far for this survey, and more than the number of community members that attended Wikimania in 2019 [ 723 total ]

In general, both parts (Organisational & Membership) of survey response rates are above 50% for most existing affiliates, which makes the findings fairly representative of the Wikimedia affiliates. However, both the North region as well as International organisations need more interventions to improve response rates.

2021-ADS Disagre Response Rates.png