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Global Data & Insights Team

The Global Data & Insights Team (GDI) supports the intentional use of data to inform decision-making about the Wikimedia Foundation's strategy and programs. We run community surveys and harvest available Foundation metrics and data from reliable international monitoring organizations develop dashboards and reports and that provide insight around trends and important data points across the Wikimedia movement.

Through careful sampling methodology and data triangulation across multiple modes of inquiry, we work to guide inference about our various movement communities using mixed methods and relevant social science software such as R, SPSS, and nvivo to analyze the data we collect to construct insights that are useful to understand the Wikimedia community and the impact of the investment made by the Wikimedia Foundation.

List of reports and resources compiled by this teamEdit

Community Insights Survey ReportsEdit

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Affiliates Data Survey ReportsEdit

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Wikimedia Movement Data LandscapeEdit

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