Global Data and Insights/Movement Data/Equity Landscape/Pilot & Consultation

The former Global Data & Insights team launched a pilot for data use and consultation here in this meta portal beginning 2022 seeking community-based use cases to partner in piloting our two key use cases.

The purpose of this pilot and consultation is to gather feedback and suggestions from community use case participants either reflecting on the project and metrics design, or directly piloting a beta Wikimedia Movement Equity Data Landscape dashboard and metrics. We intend to work to align on the most key data elements to both Foundation and community stakeholders as we begin to track the Wikimedia movement’s progress in breaking down the social, political, and technical barriers to full participation in free knowledge and support movement strategy change efforts with geo-based data.

If you would like to learn more about what we are doing and why, you can read the idea, learn about the overall pilot and consultation in these subpages for more background and calls to action.

We are looking forward to learning from you and incorporating your input where we can, to further our work and support the Foundation’s MTP. I hope you will participate in the consultation to share your ideas of the future and help lay the groundwork for defining the Foundation’s strategic direction.

Two Use Cases

Use Case 1: Direct grant funds and resource opportunities to spaces ready for growth. Actors:
  • Grant applicants
  • Grants officers
  • Grant-making committees
  • Regional hub organizers
  • Potential Partners

Potential reflection questions for piloting and decision-making:

  • Is a potential partner or grantee proposing a project in a country, language, and project space with an adequate reader or editor presence and/or high growth potential, to accomplish its goal(s)?
  • Is a partnership opportunity or grant request in line with the country’s Wikimedia presence, and proportionate to their base?
  • Might a potential partner or grantee face potential barriers to freedom or access which may prevent reaching goals in the targeted geographic space(s)?
  • How many other affiliates may be operating in the same space.
Use Case 2: Direct non-monetary support and partnering opportunities to relevant spaces ready for development. Actors:
  • Community Organizers
  • Affiliates
  • Grantees
  • Partners
  • Community engagement and support teams

Potential reflection questions for piloting and decision-making:

  • Which countries or regions have a strong affiliate presence and reader base but are lacking in editorship?
  • Does a country or region have a well-balanced movement organizer ecosystem to support an international event or extensive collaborative partnership?
  • Which countries and regions have the most potential for growth in different domains?
  • To what extent does a country engage in various languages and projects?
  • What countries may need capacity support to enable movement coordination?

Timeline and Time Commitment


To properly pilot the preliminary data in the testing space, one should anticipate a time commitment of 2-5 hours for reviewing the project documentation and recordings, inputting exploration time, and reporting back on your experience.

We will continue to expand the pilot experience with a soft release of the data in our latest data studio. We continue to monitor the talk page for new pilot volunteers and we plan to present some targeted demonstration workshops to preview the metrics to key use case groups.

If your work represents one of the two use cases planned for the pilot, please post on the talk page to let us know you want to be part of the equity landscape data pilot!

If you are part of a strategic Wikimedia organizing or governance group interested in attending a demonstration workshop watch for workshop announcements and/or reach out on our talk page if you have a specific workshop request for your group!

Click here to see details on the expected journey and connecting opportunities

The following sessions will be available as recordings for any new pilot participants:

Initial Recorded Onboarding Sessions


Review documented and recorded overviews of the metrics and dashboard elements

Optional Consultation Sessions


Optional consultation pathways to input via meta, private survey, or directly by email or in scheduled consultation session(s) with the project team to identify questions that may be answered within the data and to demonstrate specific avenues to answering them with the data

Feedback Channels


Share back of the questions asked, answered, and any outcomes from your pilot experience either publicly by meta project talk pages or via bug filing to phabricator, privately through our feedback survey link shared to pilot participants or by directly emailing the project team.