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Global Data & Insights

Community Insights Metrics



  • Demographics
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Education
    • Ethnic minority group belonging and discriminated group belonging
    • Race and Ethnicity in the US and UK
  • Awareness and Affinity with the Wikimedia Movement
    • The Wikimedia Foundation
      • Communication from the Wikimedia Foundation
      • Confidence in the Wikimedia Foundation
    • Contributor Engagement
    • Sense of belonging, having one’s voice heard in their community and the broader movement, and satisfaction with decision making
  • Safety & Inclusion
    • Rules or laws which cause hesitancy to contribute
    • Feeling unsafe or uncomfortable contributing to Wikimedia projects
    • Harassment in Wikimedia spaces
    • Knowing where to get help
    • Confidence in getting needed support
    • User conduct policies
  • Role-specific questions asked of specific on-wiki contributors
    • Newcomers’ ease of learning to edit
    • Administrators
    • Organizers



Affiliate Metrics


A number of basic details about Wikimedia affiliates are now available in the Wikimedia Affiliate Data Portal including key metrics of:

  • Counts of Active Affiliates by region or year
  • Counts of memberships of Active Affiliates
  • Categorical information about affiliate governance and decision-making structures as well as legal entity status
  • GLAM & Education program reporting

Knowledge Gaps Index


see evolving measurement framework as to which of the following, and how they apply to the areas of contributor, consumer, or content gaps on Wikimedia:

  • Representation:
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Geography
    • Language
    • Socio-economic Status
    • Cultural Background
    • Sexual Orientation
  • Interaction:
    • Motivation
    • Information Depth
    • Familiarity
    • Tech Skills
    • Disabilities
    • Role

Knowledge Integrity Risk Observatory


Equity Lansdcape Metrics


An annual set of triangulated geo-based signal metrics and comparative ranks. These metrics are based on geography of readers, editors, program leaders, grantees, and affiliates as well as relevant global population statistics to understand challenges to diversity, equity, & inclusion in Wikimedia movement engagement within a global context.

Key metrics include Country or Regional rankings in:

  • Overall Engagement
  • Presence and/or Growth in 6 engagement domains (Reading, Editing, Program Leadership, Grants Leadership, Affiliate Leadership, Population)
  • Enablement Indicators (Access, Freedom)
  • Underrepresentation

Project Metrics