Глобальное заступничество

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Глобальное заступничество — дать слово свободным знаниям

Команда глобального заступничества (Global Advocacy team) помогает Фонду и партнёрским организациям защищать движение за свободные знания посредством адвокации и публикации общих принципов (public policy).

Why the Wikimedia movement needs public policy advocacy - The simple act of sharing knowledge freely online is radical and challenging in many contexts, and can be threatened by weak or hostile policy environments. This is why the Foundation and broader community engage in advocacy and public policy work. We work alongside the Wikimedia community because policy change is most successful when informed by those who are most directly impacted and best understand their local context. Together, we stand for policies that support and protect the Wikimedia model, its people, and its values.

Our focus - Our mandate is to protect the people in the free knowledge movement, the community-led model of Wikimedia projects, and the values of the movement.

  • To protect the community-governed model, we take action on policies related to access to knowledge and free expression.
  • To protect the people in our community, we advocate for privacy rights and against mass surveillance.
  • To protect the values of our movement, we lead by example by prioritizing human rights and countering disinformation.

Topics we're working on right now include:

Contact us or stay up-to-date

  • Email us at globaladvocacy@wikimedia.org
  • Global Advocacy Mailing List (Open discussion list in which anyone can post about relevant policy/advocacy topics, and where the Global Advocacy team will announce work and solicit feedback.)
  • Diff: Global Advocacy (Where we share blog posts, updates, and opportunities with the community, including monthly recaps of our advocacy and public policy actions.)
  • Medium: Wikimedia Policy (Long-form thought pieces, policy analyses, and updates on our advocacy and public policy actions.)
  • Twitter: @WikimediaPolicy (Follow for shared speaking events, blog posts and articles, advocacy and public policy actions, campaign activities, and to engage with the work of Wikimedia affiliates and allies.)