General Survey Translation

In July 2008, the Wikimedia Foundation, in collaboration with UNU-Merit, plans to launch the first general survey of Wikimedia readers and contributors (with a focus on Wikipedia). This survey will ask questions on:

  • demographics (gender, profession, etc.)
  • factors which influence whether people contribute or not
  • topic and activity areas of interest for readers and contributors
  • awareness of Wikipedia sister projects and the Wikimedia Foundation

The more languages we can present this survey in, the better! It will give us invaluable information about who our audience and our contributors are to different language Wikimedia projects, allowing for comparisons across languages and cultures. The anonymized data from this survey will be freely licensed.

Become a translator


As of June 30, 2008 we do not accept any new translators, as there is not enough time left before the launch of the survey to complete the translations.

Current languages


We have completed translations in the following languages:

  1. Afrikaans
  2. cz
  3. Deutsch
  4. Esperanto
  5. français
  6. Bahasa Indonesia
  7. italiano
  8. 日本語
  9. Nederlands
  10. polski
  11. português
  12. русский
  13. தமிழ்
  14. ไทย
  15. Tiếng Việt
  16. 中文

Translations are still underway in the following languages:

  1. العربية
  2. azərbaycanca
  3. bu
  4. català
  5. čeština
  6. español
  7. فارسی
  8. gr
  9. हिन्दी
  10. Limburgs
  11. norsk
  12. română
  13. slovenčina
  14. српски / srpski
  15. svenska
  16. Türkçe

Your volunteer contribution will be recognized in publicity related to this survey, unless you don't want us to name you.