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Over the course of developing the FDC framework, we conducted a series of interviews with the Board of Trustees, Wikimedia Foundation Staff, and community members who volunteered to speak with us. The notes from these conversations is captured below.

Board of Trustees InterviewsEdit

April 2012 Berlin Chapter ConferenceEdit

We talked to several chapter representatives and other members of the Wikimedia community at the 2012 Berlin conference. While we did not record every conversation, we did capture key themes that we heard here.

Wikimedia Foundation Staff InterviewsEdit

Wikimedia Community Member InterviewsEdit

Update to the Community and Request for ParticipationEdit

On Friday, May 25, 2012, an Update on the Funds Dissemination Design Process was provided to the community to provide a snapshot of the FDC design process and a high-level overview of the current recommendation taking shape on Meta. We put out a request for translation of this document and it was translated into several major languages.