Fundraising 2011/Test Updates/October/21

Staff banner size test October 21, 2011Edit

We brought in a new photo of the Wikimedia Foundation staff and saw that we were able to increase donations by using a group photo displaying horizontally across the banner rather than a photo of the group on just one side of the banner.

Staff banner
Horizontal small staff photo
Horizontal large staff photo

Once we saw this new photo performed well, we tried a couple different sizes. The close up photo that takes up more of the banner had a higher click and donation rate. In our next testing day, we're aiming to try out a new banner with photos of five people who have written appeals. More info on that test to come in the next couple days.

Mhernandez 22:16, 27 October 2011 (UTC)

Landing Page Test Results
title impressions views donations amount amount50 don_per_view amt_per_view amt50_per_view avg_donation avg_donation50 click_rate
Close up 1091552 13922 222 4421.38 3533.94 0.01275432 0.000203 0.004050544 0.003237537 19.916126 15.918649
Zoomed out 1094495 12393 185 2500.42 2249.57 0.01132303 0.000169 0.002284542 0.002055349 13.515784 12.159838