Fundraising 2011/Test Updates/October/14

Wikimedia Staff Test October 14, 2011Edit

Up until now, we had only tested appeals from individuals and had never tested an appeal from a group. The fundraising team asked the Wikimedia Foundation staff to draft up some ideas for an appeal from the staff. Quite a few people wrote a couple ideas and we tested a few versions. We found that the best version started with a line comparing us to the other top five websites.

Several donors also sited this comparison as a reason for donating. One donor wrote in, “I loved that you mentioned the server and people count, I had no idea it was that low.” Another donor wrote, “Compared to the other few giant websites, Wikipedia consists of very few people and servers (which is economical) yet provides equally huge quantity of services.”

Wikimedia staff banner
Our staff banner

We also tested two versions of the banner text:

  • Please read: An appeal from the Wikimedia staff
  • Please read: An appeal from our staff

Turns out the "our staff" banner had a higher click and donation rate. There are still plenty of variations to test with the staff banner and appeal but it looks like we may have a new effective way to appeal to donors as a group. It doesn't look like we're reaching "Jimmy level" of donations quite yet but there are still a few areas we can improve.

Next steps

We also really want to test a group appeal from the Wikimedia community. A couple people have started so far but we could still use some ideas. Please share a few thoughts and help us out.

Thanks Mhernandez 01:53, 27 October 2011 (UTC)

Landing Page Test Results
title impressions views donations amount amount50 click_rate don_per_imp amt50_per_imp amt_per_imp don_per_view amt_per_view amt50_per_view avg_donation avg_donation50
Wikimedia Staff 864081 10326 106 1976.85 1638.77 0.01195027 0.000123 0.002287805 0.001896546 0.0103 0.191444 0.158703 18.649528 15.460094
Our Staff 865763 10772 132 3293.01 2632.41 0.0124422 0.000152 0.003803591 0.003040565 0.0123 0.305701 0.244375 24.947045 19.9425