Fundraising 2011/Test Updates/November/30

Susan Appeal November 30, 2011Edit

Editor Susan Hewitt

Yesterday, we introduced an appeal from our first editor in the 2011 fundraiser. Susan Hewitt is a long time editor of articles about gastropods and was excited to participate in the fundraiser this year. Thank you, Susan!

We've tested a few versions of her appeal and are currently running the best performing appeal that highlights the multiplying effect of thousands of dedicated editors contributing articles on the topics they are passionate about.

Readers have been sending in great feedback on why they were inspired to donate to Susan's appeal. As one donor put it, "I was struck by the idea that someone would write almost 600 articles for a non profit without payment - from the heart - and as a writer - I wanted to keep that alive."

There will be more editor appeals in the coming days. Again, we owe a big thanks to Susan for sharing her knowledge over the years as well as her story with readers.

Meganhernandez 01:23, 1 December 2011 (UTC)