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Karthik Nadar's Appeal December 3, 2011Edit

Editor Karthik Nadar

Karthik is the latest editor to share his story with Wikipedia readers. He is an editor from India and his fundraising appeal describes the work he did on the 2011 Mumbai bombings article.

Karthik's appeal has only been up live for a day, and already readers are sending in lovely comments about his message:

"It was Karthik Nadar's msg that finally got me to quit procrastinating and donate. So, yeah, I think personal stories from users are good."

"I like the information about how streamlined the operation is and all the different ways the web site is used by different people all over the world. The idea that this young man was able to share information about the bombings in India makes the web site a source for news, which I like."

One more: "Tell us more about important authors like Karthik."

You got it. More editor appeals on the way!

Seeing these editor appeals materialize is truly incredible. Thank you so much to Karthik and all the other editors who are working hard on this project. Your work is really inspiring for the fundraising team and it's what keeps us motivated to share your stories with the world - while still raising the money we need to keep it going.

Meganhernandez 19:25, 3 December 2011 (UTC)