Fundraising 2011/Report/Tech projects completed

Technical work completed

Major Projects
  • Rewrite of DonationInterface to support multiple gateways and many new payment types
  • Numerous enhancements to CentralNotice
    • Change logging and exposing filters to CN users to view change logs.
    • Separation of cookie handling for fundraising vs non-fundraising banners
  • Adaptation of queue2civicrm to support new gateways and payment types
  • Clean up, refactoring, and bug fixing (from the previous year) of our IPN listeners
  • Addition of monitoring features to our CiviCRM-modules
Comprehensive list
  • Ongoing enhancement of the RapidHtml form templating and delivery system in DonationInterface
  • Additional redundancy to architecture (eg Grosley/Aluminium)
  • Database overhauls for CiviCRM db
  • Steps towards PCI compliance of SAQ C, including the addition of new deployment procedures, system segmentation, and brainstorming for what to do next
  • Addition of a new a bastion host for the payments cluster
  • Addition of new deployment scripts/procedures for payments cluster as well as Aluminium/Grosley
  • A language-only version of DonationInterface to keep translations synchronized between payments cluster and WMF cluster
  • Home-grown mass mailing scripts
  • Addition of translatable Thank You emails/receipts
  • Added donatewiki - used for non-us landing pages, to be used for all landing pages in the future
  • Recurring donation support for GlobalCollect payments
  • Dozens of new credit card forms
  • Enhancements to ContributionTracking for performance, stability, and error handling
  • Overhaul of ContributionReporting (fundraising graphs)
  • Added support to DonationInterface to handle GlobalCollect iframes relatively seamlessly with the checkout flow
  • Mediawiki upgrade to 1.17 on the payments cluster
  • Addition of PSC listener for GlobalCollect payment types
  • Increased unit test coverage
  • Ongoing enhancement of auditing framework to check data between CiviCRM and our payment providers
  • Addition of an 'unsubscribe' feature to be displayed in thank you emails, rather than an 'opt-out' checkbox on the donation pages
  • Overhauled premium gifts handling in the donation pipeline (though still never used)
  • Overhaul of 'pending queue processing' for processing pending payflow pro transactions
  • Enhanced logging of all aspects of the fundraising pipeline
  • Added country localization to CLDR extension
  • Deployed dedicated hardware cluster for fundraising databases
  • Refactored and expanded fundraising backups and database dumps
  • Set up system monitoring for payments cluster (ganglia/nagios)