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Local discussion and testing edit

In the 2011 Fundraiser, localising the foundations appeals, banners and landing pages is the top priority, rather than in previous years where it has been mostly focused around the United States and the English language.

For those countries with chapters, we have asked that they drive local discussion and help build consensus on great ideas to test both within the local geography and elsewhere. These countries will have a representative from their chapter to act as the local coordinator to communicate between the local community and the staff at the foundation. Those countries without a chapter will be supported by our translating coordinators who will act as the local contact.

To get involved:

  • Click on the appropriate link below to be taken your country's discussion page. There, you can suggest testing ideas, discuss other peoples ideas and help come to a consensus on what you think should be test or not.
  • Each country's contact will act as the go between the community and the foundation when they feel consensus has been achieved and will propose tests for their respective country.

Due to the limited resources, tests are limited to one per week.