Fundraising 2011/CountryTracking

This page contains a list of all the current campaigns running on Central Notice with short descriptions and links to detailed information.


QA Queue
Country/Region Country Codes Language Codes PC In charge Campaign Link Test Campaign Link
Current Campaigns
Country/Region Country Codes Language Codes PC In charge Campaign Link Test Campaign Link
/Israel IL he Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_IL
/Chile CL es Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_CL
/Australia AU en Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_AU
/India IN en, hi Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_IN
/Singapore SG en, ms, ta, zh Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_SG
/Hong Kong HK en, zh-hant Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_HK
/New Zealand NZ en, mi Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_NZ
/Taiwan TW en, zh-hant, ja Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_TW
/South Korea KR ko Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_KR
/China CN zh-hans, zh-hant Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_CN
/Indonesia ID id Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_ID
/Macao MO zh, pt Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_MO
/Philippines PH tl, en Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_PH
/Japan JP ja Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_JP
/Asia AF, BD, KZ, MY, MV, NP, PK, LK, TH, VN (bn), (kk, ru), (ms), (en, ur), (si, ta), (th), (vi) Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_ASIA
/Americas BZ, BM, BO, CO, CR, DM, DO, EC, SV, GF, GT, HN, JM, AN, NI, PA, PY, PE, PR, TT, UY Charles Barr n/a C11_1114_AvsB_AMERICAS
/Estonia EE Joseph Seddon n/a C11_1114_AvsB_EE
/Serbia RS Joseph Seddon n/a C11_1114_AvsB_RS
/Macedonia MK Joseph Seddon n/a C11_1114_AvsB_MK
/Ukraine UA Joseph Seddon n/a C11_1114_AvsB_UA
/Belgium BE Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_BE
/Spain ES Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_ES
/Greece GR Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_GR
/Ireland IE Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_IE
/Italy IT Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_IT
/Netherlands NL Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_NL
/Portugal PT Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_PT
/Hungary HU Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_HU
/Russia RU Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_RU
/Poland PL Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_PL
/Brazil BR Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_BR
/Mexico MX Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_MX
/Europe AL, AD, BG, HR, CY, LV, LI, LT, LU, MT, RO, SK, SI, TR Peter C n/a C11_1114_AvsB_EUROPE
/United Arab Emirates AE Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_AE
/Sweden SE Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_SE
/Denmark DK Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_DK
/Norway NO Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_NO
/Finland FI Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_FI
/South Africa ZA Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_ZA
/Africa KE, MU, NG Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_AFRICA
/Middle East BH, DZ, EG, JO, KW, LB, MA, OM, QA, SA, TN Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_MIDEAST
/Austria AT de Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_AT
/Argentina AR es Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_AR
/CzechRepublic CZ es Jsoby n/a C11_1114_AvsB_AR
/Canada CA Peter Gehres / Pats ? ??? ???
/US US Pats ??? ???
/EN EN en Megan n/a C11_1129_AvsB_EN
/World World ??? n/a C11_1114_AvsB_World