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09/10/2008 edit

  • "Keep getting better ..." --Anonymous

09/11/2008 edit

  • "worth it... i use it almost every day" --Walter Fokkens
  • "i like it, thanks" --Anonymous
  • "Thank you for wonderful, accessible information - you're always my first choicxe!" --Paul Garchow
  • "Only fully educated and informed people are guarantee of the free world." --Anonymous

09/12/2008 edit

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  • "Great vision, noble cause and excellent content" --Subramanian Sundaram
  • "This is a great resource for everyone." --Anonymous
  • "Thank you!" --Anonymous
  • "Absolutely fabulous resource. Truly what the Internet should be." --Anonymous
  • "Chi fruisce dei servizi di Wikipedia e non ha fatto nessuna donazione non oso definirlo..." --Marco De Simone

09/13/2008 edit

  • "Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful resource." --Judith Scott
  • "hope you stay forever" --Anonymous
  • "one of the most useful websites, every day. thank you!" --Shimon Shlevich
  • "This site has really help to further educate me." --Darrell Gammon
  • "I use wikipedia all the time, I wish I could contribute more. Thank you so very very much to everyone who makes wiki possible." --Anonymous
  • "Thank you" --Scott Smith
  • "You truly open the doors to the world of knowledge - thank you!" --Aleksandra Jaworska

09/14/2008 edit

  • "Thank you for working towards humanity. Keep it up." --Anonymous
  • "wikipedia est tres grande une oeuvre universelle que chacun se doit de soutenir" --Marc Gilles
  • "Gracias, la wikipedia es realmente util, haceis algo importante para el mundo" --Anonymous
  • "A web without Wiki is a world without knowledge" --Shaun Wyvill
  • "Great service to humanity, please also expand the Farsi (Persian) section for non-english speaking iranians & fight for cencorship in iran" --Kousha Hasanpour
  • "I appreciate the use of Wikipedia and use it weekly." --Robert Berlin
  • "The knowledge will save the world" --Alex Korobchevsky
  • "thanks for the free knowledge" --Anonymous

09/15/2008 edit

  • "The most useful part of the internest" --Anonymous
  • "Bounty: paid for making Germanium GA ; WikiProject Elements' users Nergaal, Stone, Cryptic C62" --Daniel Mayer
  • "For David Foster Wallace" --Anonymous
  • " supports the Wikimedia Foundation" --Anonymous
  • "knowledge" --Anonymous

09/16/2008 edit

  • "unorganized and unaccessable knowledge is useless" --Anonymous
  • "I continuously appreciate the information available on Wikipedia. It gets better every year" --Anonymous
  • "Thanks for providing Wiki." --David Hickson
  • "great site" --Anonymous
  • "Javad Ebrahimi" --Javad Ebrahimi
  • "A worthy cause." --Brian Cordiner
  • "My pie for the wikimedia" --Sajeev Parameswaran
  • "I figure I read and use this thing so often (and love it) that it only seems fair to donate." --Jayson MacLean
  • "This is a great free public website for useful knowledge. I would love to see this site grow as much as it can in all technical areas in more detail." --Pranav Jha