Fundraising 2007/posts to single editors

Considering the low response to general messages I am now starting to ask active users for help with buttons and photos.

Message 1 to be posted to people


==Fundraiser 2007 - please help during the preparation== Hi, well, I noted that messages in the village pump apparently are not really read. There are some tasks where we need the help of the community for the preparation of the fundraiser 2007 and therefore I now decided to ask single people directly. There is at least one thing where anybody can help and this is with a photo for the [ Flickr group]. If you feel like adding something written why you love wikipedia or about which other project you love or whatever you feel matches, it would be great, but also the photo itself would be great, since it would show how the community is able to work together. Of course you do not need to put your name under the photo. If you don't want to upload it yourself on flickr you can also send it to me: scretella (at) wikimedia (dot) org. Besides that we are searching for people who can help to create buttons that link to the fundraiser to be used on peoples blogs and websites. Please find further information and examples of buttons on [[:meta:Fundraising 2007|meta]]. You can see an example of how a button is integrated in a blog on [ my blog]. Thank you for your attention and cooperation! -- 16 September 2007 [[:meta:User:SabineCretella|Sabine]]

Hi! I am a scout from America and I was wondering if someone from your troop or pack could communicate with me. I am working on my Century in Scouting Patch and need to learn more about you and your troop/pack. Thankyou for responding to me! I am looking forward to writing back and forth with you. -Fellow Scouter