Fundraising 2007/Why Give blog/Behind Wikipedia: Meet The Other Wikimedia Projects

Wikimedia is dominating the world. No question about it. If you Google a term, perhaps "O.J. Simpson", the first result that you will get is "O.J. Simpson - Wikipedia, the free encycopedia". But some of the lesser known projects of Wikimedia need your love and attention just as much as Wikipedia.

Perhaps you're an aspiring journalist, and you want to contribute to free knowledge. There's a project for that, not as well known as Wikipedia, but under the Wikimedia servers nonetheless. Wikinews, the free news source needs, and recieves your donations just like Wikipedia.

Perhaps you're a word-whiz, and you want to contribute to a free dictionary. There's a project for that. Perhaps you know quotes like the back of your hand. There's a project for that. If it contributes to free knowledge, Wikimedia has it. If we don't, you can start it. That's how open Wikimedia is.

So when we say that your donation goes to free knowledge, we mean it.