Free music on Wikipedia

Do you want to contribute free music to Wikipedia?


We are looking for free music that can be used to expand the articles on Wikipedia so it is also possible to listen to the works that are described. This area is not yet so developed so there is a great need for a lot of music. By free music we mean such music where recordings and sheet music are free of copyright or set to an open free license by the copyright holder. Wikimedia platforms use CC0, CC BY or CC BY SA licenses from Creative Commons.

Together we can expand and build more knowledge about Swedish and other countries' music on Wikipedia! Since the older music is free to use for new recordings, we can also present the music in several ways in the articles. In this way you can both see, listen and read about composers and musical works.

We will help you!


This project aims to make collections that contain digitized material available without copyright or high-quality new recordings performed by musicians who generously release selected parts of their material under a free license. By working with structured data about works, artists and sheet music, we also improve the searchability and usability of the Swedish free music treasure! The uploaded files are free and easy to use!

Follow us at Wikimedia Commons to see and listen to the music that are added to the project: Free music on Wikipedia. More about the schedule and other events in the project on the project page (in Swedish) Free music on Wikipedia.

What happens around the contributions in the project?


The files that are uploaded will be used on, among other things, Wikimedia's platforms. We will arrange digital workshops on the material during the autumn 2020. If you want to hold a workshop, we are happy to help with the implementation and support you.

For other ongoing tasks see Phabricator.