Free Travel-Shirt/The Idea

The purpose of the Free Travel-Shirt project is

  • to built a closer community by overcoming language problems of wikipedians
  • public relations
  • fundraising.

The Free Travel-Shirt idea came up to bring some different language wikipedians closer together by working on the same international community building project. To hand over the T-Shirt the interested volunteers need to contact each other via the different methods based in the project (e-mail, talk page, personal contact...), to make sure the Travel-Shirts will not get lost.

Furthermore, any holder of one of the Free Travel-Shirts is asked to use his time with the shirt as best as possible to bring the idea of free content to people in their countries by taking pictures in the public in front of interesting places, get in contact with people of public interest to take pictures with and make contact to companies and the press.

It's intended to be a little door-opener, a chance to get in touch with people inside and outside the wikipedia. As the T-Shirts travel through the world, they will, depending on the current holders courage, skills and creativity, bring the idea of free content into reach of potential contributors, counsels and friends of wikipedia. Hence, the idea of Free Travel-Shirt carries to opportunity to be used as fundraising project likewise.