Fountain tool/ವಿಕಿಪೀಡಿಯ ಏಷ್ಯನ್ ತಿಂಗಳು ೨೦೨೧

You can check out the sample form before submitting this form. Make sure to ping User:Ле Лой after completing this form.

What's the editathon's name in each of the participating Wikimedia projects? edit

What is the exact start/end time (UTC)? edit

For example: "31 July 2019 6:30 PM (UTC) - 31 August 2019 6:30 PM (UTC)" "1 Nov 2021 00ː00ː00(UTC) - 30 Nov 2021 23ː59ː59(UTC)"

India Time ending time is 1 Dec 5ː30 AM

What are the minimum requirements? edit

This could be article size in words/characters/bytes; only new articles permitted; only the original author can submit the article; author registration date is before/after a certain date (such as edit-a-thons for new editors) Minimum 300 words, excluding Tables, Charts, Lists

Must adhere to Wikipedia article guidelines of Notability, Neutrality, References and Readability

Must not be a list or propoganda

If Judges submit articles, they must be reviewed by other judges.

Noteː Human Beings will be judging the Acceptance Criteria.

What is the marking system? edit

The simplest marking system is 'accepted/not accepted' but there can be additional points (such as articles with 300+ words - 1 point, 600+ words - 2 points) or even penalty points. Accepted/Not Accepted

Reasons for not accepting to be mentioned

Who are the jury members? edit

List different usernames that will be the judges for different participants Wikimedia projects ̊gangaasoonu

Anything else edit

For example: Is there any template that should be add to the talkpage after the article is submitted? Does it have any parameters? ವರ್ಗ:ವಿಕಿಪೀಡಿಯ ಏಷ್ಯನ್ ತಿಂಗಳು ೨೦೨೧


Request creation edit

After completing the form write {{Ping|Ле Лой}} ~~~~ below this line to request creation of the contest.

{{Ping|Ле Лой}} ~~~~