Foundations of Wikipedia health publishing in India

This page documents a research project in progress.
Information may be incomplete and change as the project progresses.
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Develop and demonstrate the process for accomplishing each of the following:

  1. Presenting quality health information on a popular topic in English Wikipedia
  2. Translate that information into languages of India
    1. translate the prose of the leads of articles in various languages of Wikipedias
    2. translate key terms into structured data in Wikidata
  3. Apply Wikipedia's tools for measuring impact to this content
    1. Report editorial engagement and quality
    2. Report audience metrics


October 2019
project begins
Late September 2019
wrap up

Project areas


Anyone can participate in this project! The easiest way to do so is by creating a standard Wikimedia account and participating in Wikimedia projects in the usual way. The easiest way to get an orientation to Wikipedia's medical content is to take a training, try editing Wikipedia articles, then having conversation's in Wikipedia's medical discussion forums.

Three fields of expertise meet in this project: medical communication, translation, and Wikipedia publishing. Most contributors to this project contribute in one of those fields. The people who advise on medical content may not themselves understand all the languages of translation, nor are they necessarily Wikipedia editors. The translators may not be Wikipedia editors. Wikipedia editors with any subject matter interest, and understanding any language, have the usual Wiki platform opportunities to contribute to this project.

The publication of content from this project happens in Wikipedia's public spaces. Wikipedia is the encyclopedia and general reference information resource which anyone can edit.



Wikipedia has a process and culture for developing general reference information on medical topics. To understand how this works, consider editing Wikipedia content yourself or reading what others have shared about the process.



Wikipedia has a process and culture for translating content. To understand how this works, consider translating Wikipedia content yourself or reading what others have shared about the process.

  • Wikipedia Translation Task Force, a project developing best practices for Wikipedia medical translation
  • The specialized tool which many regular translators use is en:Special:ContentTranslation by the instructions
  • The challenging part of translation is not typing text, but having community engagement from native speakers. To get community support, ask native speakers of the language to review the content. This is a social process! Find native speakers wherever possible and publish their comments and feedback in public, in Wikimedia projects.

Wikipedia deployment


After there is medical content in any language, and after getting a translation, publish that content into the Wikimedia platform. Two target locations for content are the appropriate language Wikipedia and also Wikidata.

Anyone is welcome to try editing Wikipedia in the usual way. For guidance post your question in the Wikipedia discussion forums.



There are many good sources of medical medical information, but readers have difficulty using information from medical organizations and journals. In contrast, Wikipedia is a very popular source of information, but it has the challenge of acquiring high quality information. find difficulty in sharing this information with large audiences who are seeking this information. This project seeks to match the expertise of the most reliable medical information sources with the ease of access and established large audience of Wikipedia.

Precedents for this project include similar projects in medicine dating from 2012 and similar outreach efforts to encourage students to publish in Wikipedia dating from about 2011.


  1. Collection of Wikipedia medical information in English language
    1. List of the content
    2. Reviews
  2. Translations of this medical content
    1. Each article translated into multiple languages of India
  3. Publication of this translated content into Wikipedia
  4. Communication metrics about the impact of the translated content
  5. Report of this entire project
    1. Literature review
    2. Methodology of this project
    3. Impact