logo.svg, for now, is an informal group focused in production of media (photo, video audio).


Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment.

  • Bring to Wikimedia Movement, and consequently to the Free Culture, media with high quality, and high educational value.
    • Our main goal is to illustrate natural, cultural, intangible cultural, and historical heritage of Brazil, and Brazilians, specially the ones not available under a free license.
  • Create paths to increase the potential of dissemination and accessibility.
    • We understand that including people with different views, different cultures, ethnicities, genres, different levels of accessibility... in all steps of the material creation boost the power of the content created.
    • We understand that people learn in different forms, and may have different ways to acquire knowledge; increasing formats available could better spread the knowledge.
    • We also understand the importance structured data to well describe media raises not only for the educational value, but also for accessibility.
  • Create a healthy environment to Brazilians multimedia contributors at Wikimedia Movement.
    • Being a volunteer work, and Photography a creative skill, we see as a major importance create a nest capable of shelter this volunteers, and also make they grow. Create a place where the creativity is abundant and they feel safe and owner of it.
  • Improve the skills of volunteers.
    • One of main values of Free Culture, is the possibility of dissemination of the knowledge showing steps to achieve that material or process. Courses, workshops, books, brochures on how to create free educational content, could increase the overall quality of contribution available in our communities in a medium to long term.
    • This investment on knowledge of the volunteer is also an away of retribution.


  • Expeditions;
  • Photo walks;
  • Photo courses;
  • Photo contests;
  • GLAM projects;
  • Creation of tutorial videos;
  • ...


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