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Join the FindingGLAMs Challenge

What: Global challenge to improve data about GLAM institutions on Wikidata

When: February 17–23, 2020.

Who: Everyone around the world can participate

Why: To build the world's largest database of GLAM institutions


The top 10 contributors will receive prizes from Wikimedia Sverige and UNESCO.

  • 1st: The winner will receive a signed copy of the UNESCO World Heritage Atlas and 150 USD in prize money at the Wikimedia Store (
  • 2nd: 100 USD in price money at the Wikimedia Store ( and a signed copy of the UNESCO World Heritage Atlas.
  • 3rd: 50 USD in price money at the Wikimedia Store ( and a signed copy of the UNESCO World Heritage Atlas.
  • 4th-10th: Wikipedia/Wikimedia Sverige swag.


  1. The Challenge takes place from 00:00 Monday, February 17th to 23:59 Sunday, February 23th 2020 (Central European Standard Time).
  2. In order to participate, you have to join the Challenge Dashboard.
  3. You can enroll at any time during the competition.
  4. The objective of the competition is to accumulate the most points.
  5. You earn points by editing Wikidata items of GLAM institutions.
  6. Only data collected in the Dashboard is taken into account when calculating the score.
  7. The score will be calculated, and the results announced, in the week following the competition.


  1. The score is calculated based on the Characters added and References added metrics in the Dashboard
  2. 1 added character = 1 point
  3. 1 added reference = 10 points
  4. Since recent edits can take some time to appear in the Dashboard, the score will be calculated at least 24 hours after the end of the competition.

This editor would earn 14021 points – 13881 characters added (13881 points) and 14 added references (140 points).

Which Wikidata items count?

  1. Only edits to items with a tilfælde af (P31) statement with a value that is some sort of ABM (Q1030034) are counted. That is: all galleries, libraries, museums and archives around the world.
  2. Both items existing prior to the start of the competition and created during the competition are counted.