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GLAMorosity Website - The online guide to worldwide galleries, libraries, archives and museums.


Adapt a web application currently at a prototype stage to allow searching for and locating GLAM institutions with a robust set of search parameters, and displaying the results with text, graphics and geographic information. The prototype site is at


The proposal is to do a mock-up or prototype of the web app that will be revised to address the GLAM topics, but preserve the overall structure of the web application. Wikidata would be the primary information resource used. Multiple panels would be retained for selecting what, when, who, where queries and geographic or textual displays. For an initial prototype, 500 Euros, which would allow a decision whether to continue to a finished application or not. (The name GLAMorosity is a working title to be changed to whatever is desired; has already been taken. How about GLAMability - what is hot in worldwide galleries, libraries, archives and museums?)


The prototype would need six weeks from initial approval of funding.

Expected results, with SMART goals

The proposed project has a specific goal and deliverable end result, a prototype web application; its effectiveness is measurable based on how well people like the use of the application, and it is achievable because it will be an adaptation and specialization of an existing application. It is relevant to the FindingGLAM project, and it is time-bound with an estimated time of six weeks.

About me

I am semi-retired after a career in IT, and have given a presentation at the Wikimania conference in Montreal.


Ping User:SammyWiki

We decided not to grant funding for this project.

The idea is interesting and has a potential to help users explore GLAM-related data on Wikidata. However, we came to the conclusion that it does not fit in the scope of the FindingGLAMs project for two reasons. Firstly, it does not contribute to the project’s overarching goal, that is increasing the amount and quality of GLAM data in the Wikimedia projects. Secondly, as a one-developer endeavor, which does not engage a local Wikimedia or GLAM community, it does not contribute to the community and network building goals of the project.

On behalf of the Wikimedia Sverige FindingGLAMs team, Alicia Fagerving (WMSE) (talk) 09:33, 13 November 2019 (UTC)[reply]