Favourite quotes

Wikipedia:Favourite quotes is for listing comments by Wikipedians, in talking about issues on the Wikipedia in general, and on specific articles. They are meant to be a fun sort of index for the many heated and witty debates that take place here, that people coming here can navigate some of Wikipedia's increasingly deep discussion history.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
I suppose for those thousands of years that TCM was practiced, there was no exploration into new substances, no evaluation of outcomes, no experimentation in quantities of doses, no conversation between practitioner and patient, and no observation that the patient was, well, dead or alive.
-Fuzheado, defending TCM
  • The way of the wiki
Voting is a bad way of handling things--it's only necessary in the real world because there aren't better ways of dealing with things, as there is with a Wiki, which is simply editing.
- The Cunctator, on Talk:United States
  • Self-reference
This should be on meta.
- Martin, on Favorite quotes
  • Apropos
I think you may have had your personal baby jesus stolen from your heart.
- Milowent, on Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Baby Jesus theft
  • Miscellaneous
It's true. I consulted the Catholic Encyclopedia.
- User:LittleDan on WikiEN-L
Yes, I chose the colour of my walls to match the colour of Wikipedia user pages.
- Martin on his user page
It seems quite possible that... the number of flying polar bears is larger than the number of websites written in ...the Friulian language.
- Michael Snow talking about new language Wikipedia proposals on Wikipedia-l
Hi cutie!
- Unknown user on English Wikipedia