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FII Wiki Project and One Future Collective collaborated for the Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing Edit-a-thon which was held on the 27th October, 2018 in New Delhi, India. The editathon was organised at 91springboard, Nehru Place to increase the representation of women's physical and mental health pages as well as to teach a new skill of creating and editing articles on Wikipedia to the youth. The articles were expanded in English. We were a group of 15 editors in total, out of which 3 participated remotely from Mumbai. Additional statistics can been seen on the P&E dashboard here. A report of the edit-a-thon is also documented on the FII website here.

Wikipedia Editathon for Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing in Delhi on October 27, 2018


  • Topic: Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing (women's physical health and mental health)
  • Organisers: FII Wiki Project, One Future Collective and Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing 2018
  • Date: 27 October 2018
  • Venue: 91springboard Nehru Place, New Delhi
  • Time: 10.30 AM to 5 PM
Group photo of women Wikipedians at Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing editathon in Delhi on October 27, 2018.


  1. User: Japleenpasricha
  2. User: Asmitaghosh18
  3. User: Amudha1221
  4. User: Prerna2198
  5. User: Needhitewari
  6. User: Sreejani Malakar
  7. User: Madhusmita Brahma
  8. User: VanditaM
  9. User: Muskannsoni
  10. User: Jasmine teresa …
  11. User: Winelda Biju
  12. User: Pragya Lodha
  13. User: Ugog Nizdast
  14. User: Rakshanda Afrin
  15. User: Kjogitha

Articles expandedEdit

  1. w:en:Ovarian disease
  2. w:en:Nipple confusion
  3. w:en:Mammaplasty
  4. w:en:Vaginal seeding
  5. w:en:Dry drunk
  6. w:en:Vestibulectomy
  7. w:en:Vulvitis
  8. w:en:Nursing pads
  9. w:en:Supportive psychotherapy
  10. w:en:Community counseling
  11. w:en:High dependency unit (mental health)
  12. w:en:Blocked milk duct
  13. w:en:Ductal lavage
  14. w:en:Nipple bleb
  15. w:en:Cystadenocarcinoma
  16. w:en:Hematocolpos
  17. w:en:Cake Maternity


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  • Articles edited: 17
  • Total edits: 82
  • Editors: 15
  • Words added: 12.8K
  • Article views: 648