Events Team Portal/Accessibility/RequiredChecklist

This page will eventually contain a required checklist for event organizers around accessibility at events. When a point is not able to be addressed, you should make it clear to attendees why it was not possible and how you are doing your best to address the issue.

We attempt that these requirements are possible across all cultures and all event budgets and sizes.

Open questions edit

Difference between required and encouraged?

Is each option possible in all countries and contexts? All budgets?

What happens when things are not possible?

All events edit

  • Organizers have communicated with their attendees about accessibility efforts at their event upfront and at the event
  • Organizers have included a way for attendees to make requests related to organizers (this can either be a email address on your event page that they can contact or a place in your registration from asking if anybody has support requests related to accessibility)
  • Have a friendly space policy for your event

In person events edit

  • Physical accessibility should be a priority when selecting a conference or meeting venue and planning your budget. You must make information about accessibility clear when advertising the event and especially be clear about what your event will not be able to accommodate, especially around wheel chair access, elevators, and areas that are not accessible. When complete physical accessibility is not possible, think about what you can do to adapt?
  • It is mandatory that emergency exits exist and are completely accessible.
  • Have a discussion with your venue about accessibility in the space, what they can offer, and how they can make accommodations. Everything discussed should be listed on your event page.
  • All facilities in your venue must be clearly signed? If the venue does not already have these you should create your own clear and simple signs. If your conference is for a multi-lingual audience make sure your signs are as well.
  • Does your venue have at least one accessible unisex toilet? If not are you able to repurpose and re-sign an existing toilet for this? If this is completely not possible you must inform your attendees and figure out where the closest location outside of your venue is.
  • If you provide food at your event that you are involved in the selection of, ensure there are vegetarian food options

Remote events edit

  • Your software decision must take the accessibility needs of your participants in mind.