Event:Wikimedians of Kerala/Monthly Meetup/November 2023

LocationOnline event
Start and end time14:15, 18 November 2023 – 15:15, 18 November 2023
Timezone: +00:00
Number of participants11 participants

Wikimedians of Kerala/Monthly Meetup/November 2023

Organized by: Gnoeee

Start and end time

14:15, 18 November 2023 to 15:15, 18 November 2023
Timezone: +00:00


Online event

11 participants

Wikimedians of Kerala is a group of Wikimedians which work on various wikimedia projects related to Malayalam and other languages in Kerala.

Annual Report 2022-23

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Monthly Meetup November 2023


An online meeting of those working on Wikimedia and related Wikimedia initiatives is being held online this month 3rd Saturday under the Wikimedians of Kerala user group.




  • Malayalam Wikipedia 21st Birthday Celebration
  • Discussions about future plans
  • Draft by-law of user group

Meeting minutes

  • Meeting begins at 7:45. Everyone introduced themselves. 21 people joined this meeting.
  • Discussions about annual meetup. As funding cannot be obtained in a short time, User Group annual meetup cannot happen this year. But a Malayalam Wikipedia birthday celebration will be able done. Everyone agrees that a meetup is very much needed. Ranjithsiji discussed about the previous User group Meetups and the requirements. UserGroup plans to organize a bigger general meetup Wikisangamotsavam next year with necessary preparations
  • Grants on behalf of User Group should be attained necessarily for smooth conduction of future events and meetups.
  • Discussion about Malayalam Wikipedia's 21st birthday celebration - Planning to organise at Thrissur. Date suggested to be 23 Dec (Saturday) for convenience of everyone. It will be a 1 day program. Manojk will be the key organizer.
  • Earlier this month on November 4 & 5, 11th Wikidata birthday celebrations of Kerala UG were also done in OSM meetup venue. CIS-A2K sponsored 50 Wikidata+OSM T-shirts for the event. Several Wikimedians attended the event and Wikidata edition Workshops were also organised.
  • Need for organizing usergroup page is discussed. Various Kerala Usergroup social media handlers/maintainers should be listed on a page for coordination and transparency. Consensus that they should be handled collectively and collaboratively, rather than controlled by a single individual.
  • Usergroup Asset page: Wikimedians_of_Kerala/Assets. It lists various assets given to usergroup members and can facilitate sharing when needed. The page should be updated and all assets should be listed. A request page / mechanism for sharing has to be set up.
  • Bylaws Draft making is in progress: Wikimedians_of_Kerala/Bylaws/Draft. Draft will be ready before next monthly meeting. Ranjithsiji, SreeKrishnan, Vis M and Jinoy agree to collaboratively draft the bylaws. It will then be introduced to the usergroup for discussions and feedback before final approval.
  • Improving content quality: Need for preventing poor quality machine translated edits from being inserted to Malayalam Wikipedia. New Infoboxes imported from English Wiki also are untranslated. Translating them should be a priority.
  • This meeting saw participation from several new members. The meeting discussions happened for two hours till 9:45 PM.


  • Jinoy (Gnoeee)
  • Vis M
  • Manojk
  • Ranjithsiji
  • Lalu
  • Akash A (ecoholic)
  • Fuad
  • Jaisen
  • Meenakshi Nandhini
  • Akhilan
  • Sreekrishnan Narayanan (User name: Sree1959)
  • Shajiarikkad
  • Akbar Ali
  • Mujeebcpy
  • Fotokannan
  • Erfan
  • ArkArjun
  • Shanavas
  • Sivadasan
  • Athul
  • Muhammed Marzookh