People interestedEdit

  1. Mikael Häggström
  2. SwirlBoy39
  3. Geoff Plourde
  4. Grebenkov
  5. Roux
  6. Microchip08 (as long as there's no drama)
  7. The Flying Spaghetti Monster - Won't be super active - have commitments at Simple.
  8. Deevrod (I'd like to open Russian part of Essentialpedia and edit it, but only English is OK).
  9. Robypedia
  10. DavidWS I'd love to work on it. It's a very smart project idea.
  11. Giorgio Gonnella I think this is a very smart project, and would result in a big success. I'm not sure about how much energy I could invest in it, due to my many interests, but I would contribute for sure.
  12. norro I like the idea very much
  13. Workster I like this idea although I believe there is similiar attempts ongoing already inside Wikipedia.
  14. Ajraddatz This would be very handy for finding basic information quickly.
  15. Kudu
  16. Sinuhe20