English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout/Humor

A frustrated Wikipedia user sent this to Wikipedia during the blackout...

When I was immature,
I started reading Sikipedia,
I grew up a little bit,
and started using Wikipedia,
18th of January 2012,
My life turned upside down,
Wheres my info on random sh*t?,
Like Simpson's Krusty the Clown?,
When's the Queen's date of birth?,
Or who invented the car?
Who the f*ck is Natasha Giggs?
What Nationality is Demba Ba?
What is the capital of Thailand?
What's Prince Charles' middle name?
All the details of every World Cup,
World War 2—who is to blame?
When was the toaster invented...
Did someone accidently over burn some bread?
Where's your metatarsal?
Is Saddam Hussian dead?
How do you make blu-tac?
Who is the leader of Norway?
How many minutes in a week?
Who is lead singer of Green Day?
Please come back Wiki?
Days at work are sh*t,
I need some pointless info..

Like how is Pixie Lott so fit!