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Kim BruningEdit

-Confirmed.--BradPatrick 03:30, 29 August 2006 (UTC)

Benutzername Kim Bruning
Richtiger Name Kim Bruning
Ort The Netherlands
Alter 28
Benutzerseiten en:User:Kim Bruning
Wikimediamitarbeiter seit Editing ~ regularly since 7 Nov 2003. (First edit: 7 Nov 2001)
Projekte, in denen ich mitarbeite My home wiki is en.wikipedia. I've helped out advising nl.wikipedia and en.wikinews, I'm also occasionally involved in pushing development of tools like vandalfighter, and I'm currently trying to get people to really do some social statistics on wikipedia. People who have been at wikimania may have been to one of the talks resulting from that.
Sprachen, in denen ich mitarbeite I learnt Dutch, English, German, French and Latin in school at some point or other. I'm a native speaker of Dutch and English, I'm passable at German, and my French and Latin are not so good anymore.
Links zu den Seiten mit meinen Beiträgen * wikien
Mein Kandidaturstatement I normally don't approve of voting on-wiki, but this is an off-wiki vote for a real life entity. For one thing there's no revert button in real life, so the bold, revert, discuss method for obtaining consensus won't quite work. Bother.

I am a contributor to wikimedia projects because I strongly believe in copyleft and free/open content.

Some people here bring impressive resumes to the table, or have made interesting election promises. I'm only going to make a small number of big promises, because each of them would be difficult to achieve in real life. If I only pick a few, I'll have a realistic chance actually achieving all of them.

Note that with approval voting, you can simultaniously also vote for other candidates with similar programs. If you like a particular idea, please also vote for those other candidates with that program.

  • Internal communications: Currently, wikimedia is very fragmented. I'd like to get all those fragments talking with each other, I hope to achieve this by weaving a web; one link, one person at a time. I could do this without being on the board, but the additional opportunity for communication a board member is exposed to makes this much easier. If you'd like this to happen, also consider voting for AaronSW, Arnomane, and Oscar.
  • Transparency: Right now, particular parts of the foundation have closed doors and are essentially running without proper community oversight. Some things have to remain secret, but there's decent methods to allow people to even check private processes. Only the board can actually force people to apply these methods, so someone on the board needs to take up this task. If you'd like this to happen, also consider voting for Eloquence and Improv
  • Long now: Wikimedia should be around for at least 100 years ('till the year 02101). One way to ensure that is to establish an endowment. Encouraging individual wikis to look at the way they are managed also goes a long way. Running the Foundation in a lean and efficient manner (with as little money as possible) also ensures longetivity If you're interested in this, also consider voting for Improv
  • Finishing the term. I promise to stay on the board up to the end of the term, to ensure continuity.
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