Election candidates 2006/Improv/Zh


用户名 Improv
真实姓名 Pat Gunn
居住地 美国宾西法尼亚州匹兹堡
年龄 28
用户页面 英语维基百科 (有其他用户页面但是没有重要的内容)
开始参与日期 2002年末
参与计划名称 主要是英语维基百科
参与计划语言 英语。有时阅读德语,西班牙语和日本语的一些文章,但是我对自己的语法不太自信而没有参与。
贡献 英语维基百科 (原先使用的用户名Pgunn)
竞选陈述 I've been involved with Wikipedia (and Usenet, and various other community-based projects) for many years. Reading several of the meeting notes, I believe I can contribute to the kinds of discussions involved in management of the project.


  • Establish an endowment for the foundation to provide a financial cushion from fundraising efforts
  • Seek out sources of funding that don't require us to fundamentally change our no-advertisements, open nature
  • The board should continue to be conservative in official day-to-day action on the wiki, reluctant to act except when it is necessary for the good of the project
  • Be skeptical about accepting new recurring costs and "hard" infrastructure without a strong justification, in order to make certain that the project remains solvent, noncorrupt, and flexible
  • Explore ways to present the data we have so far in more formats than the web (e.g. TTS, mobile devices, etc), for the benefit of humanity
  • Take great care to avoid risks that may place the project in legal jeopardy
  • Continue efforts to reunify Encyclopedia Libre and the Spanish Wikipedia, as well as encourage/establish outreaches for projects in different languages, to work more closely with other language Wikis to try to prevent similar problems, ensure legal compliance, and share ideas on policy
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