Egyptopedia is the international Egyptology project of Wikipedia encyclopedia. This project's main goal is to coordinate local Egyptology projects of all Wikipedia.

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How to helpEdit

  • Create local project and create link between it and Egyptopedia.
  • Translate this page in local language.
  • Add your name in participants to improve communication between people interested in ancient Egypt.
  • Speak about this project.
  • Share any free material about ancient Egypt (pictures, draw, font, etc.).
  • Correct English mistakes on this page. ;o)

List of local projectsEdit

Please add a link to local Egyptology projects.

(Български) Project Portal
(Česky) Portal
(Deutsch) Project Portal
(English) Project Portal
(Spanish) Project Portal
(Italiano) Portal
(French) Project Portal
{{ Portal
(македонски) Portal
(Nederlands) Portal
(Occitan) Portal
(Polski) Portal
(Română) Portal
(Русский) Portal
(Српски / Srpski) Portal


If you want to help coordination for Egyptology projects, please add your name below and please specify in which language and where people can contact you.

  • Aoineko (français, English, 日本語) (please leave messages here)
  • Samuel (Chinese), I will try to help, but don't expect too much, I am not an expert, besides, I can read only English and Chinese. ;p (Leave me messages here)
  • Mats, Swedish, messages here. Like Samuel, I'm not an expert, but I've been writing some articles on mythology.
  • Iustinus. My energy is spread very thin already, however I should probably be the contact person for La:, as how to say such-and-such an Egyptian name in Latin is one of my areas of interest. My native language is English, but I will also accept messages in Latin, French, and so on.
  • Gregg (Български (Bulgarian), français, English). Leave messages here
  • Fatima (Spanish and English) I have thousands of pictures of Egypt that I have been collecting from Internet, also I know everything about the god and goddes Osiris and Isis and about the king Tutankhamun. Send me a message here)
  • Ernesto Graf (Spanish, English, Italian) (please leave messages here in Spanish if possible)
  • nl:Gebruiker:Oesermaatra0069 I speak English, Dutch (native) and German (not very good). My hieroglyphics-skills are bad, but I can read the names and functions of people. I can help with the mythology I know a lot of minor worship gods (not Isis or Amon but Wepwawet and Heh). I'm very active with the pharao names on the dutch Wikipedia so just look and implement! I would like to help answering questions about egypt.
  • Comrade Che (Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, English). (please leave messages here)
  • Alensha (Hungarian, English, can read German) I'm mainly interested in the New Kingdom. (Please leave messages here.)



The goal of this part is to enable users to share free pictures. I planned to create 2 pages, one with only links, and one other with all pictures (very heavy I think). Perhaps, in the future, it may be better to organize those pictures by theme.

User's pictures:

Hieroglyphs editorEdit

WikiHiero is a tool to generate hieroglyph text in WikiSyntax (tables & images) from a text written according to Hieroglyph coding manual syntax. WikiHiero (0.2.7) is running at Feel free to make tests with hieroglyphs-codes.

For example, <-p:t-o-l:m-i-i-s->! may be rendered as fr:Image:Ptolemee2.png. The lastest version can be found at

Gods' namesEdit

I planned to create a big table to show "official" transliteration and local language translation. Aoineko


A list of all the goods or featured articles in the egyptopedias.

Create local projectEdit

To create a new Egyptology project for your local Wikipedia, go to your WikiProject page (like en:Wikipedia:WikiProject) and add a link to the new page. You can call it as you want (for example, fr:Wikipedia:Egyptopedia). Add your page here, in the List of locals projects.

Feel free to organize your project as you want, but if you want some advice, here is a page model:

First, create inter-language links to other Egyptology project (you will find links here on meta). Like [[fr:Wikipédia:Egyptopedia]].

Make a brief introduction of the project. For example:

Egyptopedia is a WikiProject and its goal is to coordinate working on Egyptology part of all Wikipedia in general and of the <language> Wikipedia particularly.

International CoordinationEdit

Describe the international project on its goal. For example:

An international Egyptology project taking place at Egyptopedia. Its main goal os to coordinate all local project and share Egyptology resources (pictures, tables, tools, etc.).

<language> ProjectEdit


  • ...

Main partsEdit

Give to interested people the link to the main Egyptology articles. For example:

Here is the links to the main articles of Wikipedia's Egyptologist articles:

Progress reportEdit

Progress report of main part of the project to tell people witch part much be improved in priority. For example (from w:fr):


Naming convention, Synthesis tables, etc.


Link to free resources to help creating new articles (books, homepage, pictures, tools, etc.).


Same links as #Pictures part in this meta page.

Same links as #Hieroglyphs editor part in this meta page.