Egypt Wikimedians/Report/July 2014/2015



We made 2 edit-a-thons more than 120 one participated in working on developing and improving many articles and around 45 one of them continue working with Wikipedia by joining Wikipedia education program.

first edit-a-thons on August 2014
second edit-a-thons on November 2014


We called every member of our user group for a monthly meeting to plan for events and activities.

Wikipedia education program conferenceEdit

Group photo at the 5th celebration conference of the Wikipedia Education Program

we managed a conference in Cairo University to celebrate the achievements of students in the 5th term on Wikipedia education program


Wiki Love Monuments 2014Edit

WMEG actively promoted the Wiki Loves Monuments Competition with the following :

  • Advertising the competition through the ORMS mailing list ans social media which has a substantial number of photographers
- :: - Facebook
  • Contact and presentations with photographic societies / clubs to promote the competition
2 photo hunts made in September

writing contestEdit

we managed a to write articles about history in Arabic Wikipedia and 15 users joined it and its result was more than 110 new articles and upload 80 new image. there was 2 winners in this contest . first prize was $250 and second was $100 . and the judgement criteria was on both quantity and the quality .

Wiki Love Monuments 2015Edit

A total of 3,928 photo have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons from Egypt , and 2 of them are in the top 20 of the international competition .

Lessons learnedEdit

compare WLM in 2013 and 2014
48% of bytes added by students during spring/summer 2014 was in September (during the contest)
A slide showing the concrete results of Egypt Education Program last term to help close the gender gap on Wikipedia
What worked well?

Many organizations were interested in hosting edit-a-thons with us,

We generally delivered what we promised and completed the contest successfully.

  • Central notice appears to be the most efficient method for advertisement of this project.
  • We have made good local partners for future collaboration/projects.
  • Compared to 2013, we have significantly larger number of uploaders.

Celebration ConferenceEdit

Seventh Celebration Conference on November 2015

we organized Celebration Conference om (19 November 2015) for giving awards for the winners on Wiki love monuments and in the education program , and here is photos from the Conference