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Wiki For Senior Citizen Network

Summary: Wiki For Senior Citizens Network, Nigeria is an initiative that gathers Seniors and aspiring seniors who are interested in editing and contributing to Wikimedia projects. This month, guests shared insights about the project that cut across data, media, and article writing using the Wikimedia project that participants found engaging to spur their interest in the projects.

The Wiki for senior Citizen Network Program aka "SkillUp to LevelUp" is a hands-on, BYOD (bring your own device) experiential learning. The Wiki training is designed for aspiring and senior citizens alike, it spanned a 4-week period during which participants leverage the power of editing in Wikipedia+ Wiki commons + Wikidata projects.

The talented facilitator and convener of the training, Mrs. Oby Ezeilo gracefully walked seniors through the fine details of editing and contributing to the ever-increasing Wikipedia knowledge base during the on-site and online sessions. The experience furnished seniors with the opportunity to further explore the world of media literacy and up their digital skill set. In the process deploy and align their expertise, past experiences, passions, and interests to the projects at hand.

Many recount the preoccupation as a smooth and immersive transition from the analog to the digital space. Mrs. Igbanude, the winner in the Wikidata project category, said the self-paced project allows her the freedom to engage herself between the time when everyone has left the home for work and other engagements. Mr. OKACHMAN also showed his excitement and pledge to edit more. Mrs. Cathrine on her own part said that editing Wikidata kept her busy, active, and less bored. The excitement and emotional benefits that the social integration and relationship fostered amongst the seniors during in-person training were also a positive vibe for their mental well-being.

The training culminated on Friday the 21st of October 2022, in keenly competitive projects, where seniors were expected to demonstrate all they have learned in the course of the training via Wikimedia projects.

The Honour roll for winners and their runners- up respectively in each of the 3 categories of work is as follows:

  • Wikidata* - Igbanude, OKACHMAN, Chinlaso
  • Wiki Commons* - AdastralNg22,Onyenachi64, Annies4life
  • Wikipedia* - Tyler1555,Sokaboy1,Chukwuma123.

Winners and their runners-up received gift items and handsome prizes for their efforts. Criteria used for judging were based on the quality and quantity of editing, writing, and uploading of the project as recommended by Wikipedia standards.

A quick survey of the participants revealed a shared sense of satisfaction as expressed via praises and appreciation for the attendant benefits of the program. They all look forward to a repeat of the refreshing and engaging experience. In her closing remark, Mrs. Oby Ezeilo urges them to continue down the path of learning and applying all they have been taught. She commended them on their consistent efforts, commitment, and hunger to learn. She also reiterated that the next event would be communicated to them through the appropriate channels.