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Abuja Teachers celebrate Africa day

Every year on May 25, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), which later became the African Union (AU), celebrates its founding on Africa Day. It is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the advancement, cohesion, and cultural variety of the continent. Additionally, Africa Day is used as a forum to encourage African unity and draw attention to the continent's accomplishments and problems. Africa Continental Free Trade, Bridging the Africa Content Gap, One Article at a Time! " is this year's event's topic. The initiative, which runs from May 20 to June 20, 2023, is led by the Ghana-based Open Foundation West Africa, which aims to close the content gap on the internet by holding a writing competition

Summary: Wikipedia, the world's largest online encyclopedia, with the Open Foundation West Africa recently launched the African Day Campaign with the theme: "Africa Continental Free Trade, Bridging the Africa Continent Gap, One Article at a Time" to celebrate African entrepreneurs, innovators, academicians and more. The campaign launched on 20th May 2023 and ended on 20th June 2023 aimed to bridge the content gap in African-related content on Wikipedia and support the growth of African start-ups in general.
Attendees of the event.

As part of activities to mark the African Day Campaign 2023, Abuja teachers and some students held an edit-a-thon at the Federal secretariat in Abuja. One of the many highlights of the campaign was the opportunity for participants and volunteers to learn how to navigate the English Wikipedia, edit Wikipedia, Wikidata, translate and create some articles on notable African entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, academicians, innovators, scientists from the English language to other languages namely; Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Nigerian pidgin, and French.

Women and other people of color are usually underrepresented and inaccurately depicted in Wikipedia articles. The African Day Campaign encouraged Africans to tell and share their own tales and experiences in an effort to alter this narrative. This was clear from the campaign donations, which were made with the goal of promoting inclusion, equity, and diversity.

Teachers Role

The facilitator Obiageli Ezeilo stated that Teachers are essential to Africa's educational growth and have a significant part in determining the continent's destiny. To equip the next generation with the tools they need to succeed in life, knowledge, skills, and values must be imparted to them. Along with being educators, teachers also function as mentors, instructors, and community leaders. Africa Day is a major occasion to honor the development and unity of the continent while also emphasizing the critical role that educators play in determining the future of the region. It is a time to recognize and thank them for their unceasing efforts to educate the youth and create a better future for Africa.

In conclusion

The African Day Campaign organized by Open Foundation is a significant step forward in bridging the content gap in African-related content on Wikipedia. The campaign recognized the importance of telling African stories by Africans, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and providing an opportunity for Africans to showcase their brand or research to a global community.

The African Day Campaign provided a valuable opportunity and a reminder that potentials exist in Africa and that Africans can create meaningful change in the world.

The African Day Campaign wasn't just about creating and expanding Wikipedia projects; it has provided an opportunity for volunteers and participants to learn and know more about African entrepreneurs, innovators, academicians, scientists, academicians, businessmen and women both young and old, living and dead. It is a laudable campaign and Abuja Teachers were glad to be part of it.