Editing Wikipedia brochure into Indic Languages

A good number of Indic Wikimedians participated in Bengali Wikipedia 10 years Celebration, Kolkata. A lot of things were discussed there. One important that was discussed was that every Indic Language should translate Editing Wikipedia brochure so that it becomes easy to teach new editors. The following communities agreed upon this:-

A downloadable "Editing Wikipedia guide" In PDF

Things to Keep in MindEdit

  • Make sure everyone talks about this with their communities and then translate it together.
  • You do not have to translate each and every page. A few pages can be removed and new pages can also be added.
  • When printed, you have be careful that you don't just give the brochures away. Only give them to very interested individuals preferably those who have tried editing Wikipedia.
  • You can also try by giving one copy per group that can share it with each other.


Maithili CommunityEdit

Brochure : In Process

  • Biplab Anand
  • Bijay Chaurasia

Marathi CommunityEdit

Brochure : In Progress

  • Santosh Shingare
  • Deepak Wankhade

Odia CommunityEdit

  • Sailesh Patnaik

Punjabi CommunityEdit

Brochure : In Progress

  • Satdeep Gill
  • Gaurav Jhammat

Telugu CommunityEdit

  • Kasyap

Urdu CommunityEdit

  • Ahmed Nisar (Not participated in Bengali Wikipedia 10 years celebrations, but here agreed to do it so)