Edit evaluation parameters

Edit evaluation parameters would be useful for computationally determining the validity and usefulness of edits.

User parametersEdit

Types of editsEdit

  • % of edits made to 1) own user/talk pages, 2) other user/talk pages, 3) article pages, 4) article talk pages.

# and freq of editsEdit

  • # of days since this user's [first | fifth] post
  • # of edits in the past [day | week | month]
  • In the list of the top 1000 editors? [y/n]
  • # of edits to this user's talk page

Other flagsEdit

  • Admin? y/n
  • Ever been banned or involved in an arbcomm case?
  • [for IPs] Ever been blocked? In a \8 net that has been blocked?

Edit parametersEdit

Quantity, frequencyEdit

  • # of lines [ added | removed ]
  • # of edits to this page in the past [day | week] (counter [or a bit stale])
  • # of edits to the talk page in the past [day | week] (counter [or a bit stale])


  • Does the article have an NPOV / reliability / edit war tag? [y/n]
  • Has the article been protected / given such a tag [this week | this month | ever]?
  • Is the article in a "controversial" category? [see new list of these categories]


  • Was there a summary? [y/n]
  • Did the summary contain any of a set of alarming keywords? [y/n]
  • Is it a new article? [y/n]
  • Does the article title (esp. for new articles) contain any alarming keywords? [y/n]

Statistics and lists neededEdit

  1. List of controversial categories
  2. List of alarming keywords for [edit summaries | titles]
  3. List of the top 1000 (or so) editors CHECK
  4. List of admins CHECK
  5. List of once-banned or admonished users
  6. List of users ever involved in an RfC or Arbcomm case
  7. List of open-proxy IPs CHECK
  8. List of AOL and other big dynamic-IP provider IP-ranges