Edit Wikipedia Week/Mail to the community

Dear community,

Few days ago a pretty neat idea was proposed, an idea which could involves all of the community members, all of you: the "Edit Wikipedia Week". That week will take place from December 3 to 8, 2007 and the concept is pretty simple: you, as a community member, will have the chance to spread the word about how to edit Wikipedia or learn how to work on one of the other sister projects. We want it to be a worldwide event, and why not, transforming it into an annual event.

Everyone can be involved in helping to stage a bunch of "Edit Wikipedia Week" events during that week. The idea is to stage outreach events around the world designed to encourage people to participate in the projects.

The events can be practically anything – big or small. It doesn't matter how simple they seem to be, everything counts. You can talk about the project at a local school; get yourself booked for a television appearance; have a chat for a local photography club about the advantages of contributing to Commons; organize a marathon weekend for translations; discuss the different uses of the WikiPolicies to a group of regular users you know in your place, recruit new people to help you launch a WikiProject, or even just teach your mom how to press a button, edit an article and save. Simple steps that will help the world to know just what are we doing here, and why are we doing it. Anything you think will improve the projects is valid: the idea is to reach out to people who don’t edit, or have no idea what Wikipedia is, and encourage them to contribute on the project.

Edit Wikipedia Week is intended to be an experiment. The premise is that anyone can organize an event for Edit Wikipedia Week, and it can take whatever form makes sense to them. You don't need a permission, it's a community event: feel free to just participate.

There are no fixed rules, except the following:

  • Spread the word as you see it fit in your language community, local chapter, project, family etc.
  • Make sure to record the ideas that are developed in your community, local chapter, project, family etc, in order to share your experiences with all of us.
  • Start your own Edit Wikipedia week metapage in your own language, if you consider it useful to promote and monitor the ideas.

Spread knowledge. Spread the Wiki love. :)

Please translate this mail as much as you can, and spread it all around you. Your local mailing lists, your local village pump, your blog, etc...